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by - Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Last May, I just turned 21 years old. Unemployed. Fresh Graduate from the university. 

It's no joke going pass through the age of 20 and pretending to be grown up. (Yes, I know I'm still young yet I feel like the whole world's my burden) But still, life has to go on and the need to fight for my future is as always present. 

My EQ was challenged when I had to undergo series of life changes in such a short span of time. I was like, do grown-ups usually encounter this kind of situation? I swear I literally cried because of how stressful it has been.

I listed below some of the things that expect when you step out of the university so you won't get culture-shocked.

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1. Unemployment

Pressured by our parents or not, I know most of us felt the need to immediately apply to different companies in order to sustain our so-called "lifestyle" during college. Since (again) most of us had our allowance cut by our parents, the struggle of everyday waking up and going to job sites is really a stress. Especially if you are not hearing from any of those companies for weeks already. (I know you know how it feels) 

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2. Dad Cuts Weekly Allowance!

No more binge shopping because you have to save the last few pesos in your pocket. What makes life even harder is when you try to save your remaining money and your impulsive high school friend suddenly invites you over to her place for a movie marathon. Sad life. 

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3. The Never-Ending Work Requirements

Thought you've reached the finish line when you got a word from the HR of your dream company that you're hired? You got it all wrong. The effort is actually just starting, my dear. Upon being a probee, sometimes the company requires the employee to gather all the needed essentials before you can start actual work - essentials like Original copies of your NSO Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, SSS ID, PAG-IBIG ID, Philhealth ID, so on and so forth. One tip, always be early when applying for all these requirements. Welcome to the real world. 

I'm not affiliated with this blog, but placing this post here because I really found it helpful. Hope it'll help you, too. Click here to know the must-process requirements once you graduate college. :)

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4. You Barely See College Friends Anymore

We all know that college is an anxiety machine that can break us emotionally. With that, we have our college friends through thick and thin. Now that it's time to go back to your hometown after four years of being away from them to finish your studies, it's also now becoming a down time with your college cliques on the other end. Life is indeed cruel at times.

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The hardships that I've experienced so far is just the tip of the iceberg as to what our older friends and family members have gone through. What I'm trying to imply is that all these experiences are one for the books. The lessons you gain from it is something you can ponder on. And who knows? What you've learned from it can eventually make you a better person as you grow old. Just don't be afraid. Smile. And think of ways on how you can pass through the circumstances you're in.

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Have you gone through the same experiences as a fresh graduate? How did you manage to keep yourself together while you're on it? Share it below and let's chat! :)

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