Coffee on the Go? Yes Please!

Monday, October 24, 2016

With my everyday routine as a community manager and blogger, I almost always find myself needing that extra lift midday to keep me up and running. The funny thing is that, even if the coffee brewer is only a few steps away from my desk,  I still feel lazy to make myself a cup of joe  I see myself overloaded with work. Hence, no coffee for me.

The ready-to-drink bottled Starbucks Frappuccino® coffees are an instant savior for me because I can just grab it from the fridge and enjoy it while I do my social media sweep. I don't even have to do a coffee run on the nearest Starbucks branch from my office just to get my fix. Hooray!

Count the Ways: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I always wonder why my mom is such a fan of Petroleum Jelly since I was young. I admit it, I use to not like this product because of its slimy texture. Little did I know that this product can do wonders to my skin.

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Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Vaseline - Petroleum Jelly - 2

Experience Taiwan’s best brands at Market! Market! on October 21 - 23

Friday, October 21, 2016

Just lately, I’ve written about ways to manage life with Taiwan Excellence products (read here) that we millenials need to take note.

This time around, Taiwan’s best brands will once again be highlighted in the fourth Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone, happening at Market! Market! Activity Center in Taguig City on October 21 to 23.

Led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, under the Taiwanese government, the Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone is an interactive product showcase featuring innovative, reliable, and durable brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, which assures customers of the products’ superior quality.

Over 150 products from 55 Taiwan Excellence-accredited brands will be offered in the categories of information and communication technology, household goods, and sports and leisure.

Rule out boring shopping experience because performances, fashion shows, games, and raffle draws are lined up to keep shoppers entertained while checking Taiwan Excellence products. Customers can also watch out for the performances of Hot Spot (October 21), Julie Ann San Jose (October 22), and Erik Santos (October 23).

There will also be booth tours and brand presentations to educate consumers on how the featured products can complement their lifestyle. Selling booths from brands such as Asus, FECA, MSI, Tatung, Thermaltake, and Transcend will be available, while generous discounts will be given Asus, Kymco, MSI, Sakura, Tatung, Tern, Thermaltake and Transcend.

Know more about these latest gadgets, home appliances, fitness gear, and many other treats from Taiwan Excellence-approved brands and head to Market! Market! on October 21 to 23! :)

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PLDT Unveils Home of the Future

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I find it so amazing on how we can keep up to the fast-paced world we live in. Gadgets update oh-so fast and so does other technology that we use on a day-to-day basis.

PLDT, leading telco and digital services provider, brings the Smart Home suite of services to Filipino families with a string of partnerships with leaders in retail and entertainment. 

The company's Smart Home is a more integrated version of the connected home, where each product or service interacts with each other to perform harmonized tasks meant to ease and enrich the lives of the subscribers.

New moms like beauty queen Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011 runner up) shared her thoughts to motherhood and how she keeps up with her current business and looking after her family's welfare. Other moms present during the interview were Isabel Oli, Denise Laurel, and Danica Sotto-Pingris.

Three Reasons to Love Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Without a doubt, the climate here in our country is quite unpredictable. During the morning, you'll walk out of your home feeling fresh. Then between the day, you can feel your face oiling up because of the unpredictable weather. Disadvantage of living in a tropical country, eh? 

As to how Maybelline puts it, the newest Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation is here and it has most lightweight, hydrating, and velvet-smooth texture created yet to perfectly cover your skin with hot or humid weather.

Now, take a read below as I enumerate my reasons why I (and you too) love this one of a kind foundation: