Get Your Dream European Vacation with RSB’s Save Up and Fly Promo

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Petite France in South Korea made me realize how much I wanted to tick off Europe in my travel bucket list in my late 20s! Inspired by this little French Village, I'm excited to immerse myself in the European culture and try their delish, authentic dishes firsthand! 😛

(Oh, I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the possibilities in traveling to not just a new country, but a new continent as well!)

Now, Filipinos like me wishing to visit Europe will now have a chance to make their travel dreams come true with the new “Save Up and Fly” promo from RCBC Savings Bank (RSB).

Zark's Burgers: More Than Just a Homegrown Brand

Famous for the long lines during the sale of their Jawbreaker burgers and burger competitions, Zark's has been a classic choice of a burger joint that's bang for the buck. Dining here with the boyfriend during our first "official" date and lining up for the Jawbreakers ourselves in their BF branch a few years ago, Zark's was already imprinted in our minds when we choose for options on where to spend our all-out cheat day.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Zarks - Burger - face off

Because we Pinoys embraced the western cuisine wholeheartedly, young entrepreneur, Rolandrei Viktor “Zark” Varona, took advantage of finding the middle ground in offering hamburgers that truly satisfy even the most gargantuan appetites, yet at prices that do not break the bank.

The Universe is Telling Me Something: I Should Go Back to the Fitness Track

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I used to be that kind of student who's highly involved in school sports. Being the pabibo that I am, I joined the badminton, chess, and table tennis varsity team back in my late elementary and high school years. (Talk about a student who's desperate to be excused in class lol 😜)

Moving to the #youngadulting stage, I found myself struggling to insert exercise (even jogging!!) in my daily routine. My work routine often takes it toll on me (because of #1 commute!) that I reach home tired and sleepy already. While on the weekends, I prioritize my blog backlogs from events that I attended over the week that passed. SO PAANO, DIBA?

A few weeks ago, I got invited to two consecutive events that revolve around the fitness topic. As the title suggests, I think that the universe wants to imply something. Perhaps go back to getting engaged in fitness after a long time?

Chasing Pahiyas Festival | Lucban, Quezon

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ever since my Philippine Hot Air Balloon experience last February, it became a dream of mine to explore Philippine's festivals nationwide and tick off all of them in my #ChasingFestivals list. ❤️

About a month ago, I was fortunate to squeeze in a day to explore Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon Province. I've never visited the province before which explains the giddy me while touring around this place.

Here are some of my expectations before embarking on a day trip with some blogger friends:

* check out colorful decorated houses around town
* taste the famous Pancit Habhab for the first time
* festive vibe in the streets

Given these expectations, here's what went down on my day trip in Lucban, Quezon for Pahiyas Festival! :)

The Latest Starbucks Stuff to Brighten Your Gloomy Days

The change of season can be quite irking to some because of the change of wardrobe, the extra umbrella baggage, and adjustments to the daily routine. Aside from this, the rainy season means that vacation period is over. HUHU

I wasn't able to hit the beach nor swimming resorts this summer. Bummer! The only good thing about not pursuing any water-related getaways these past months is that my body is not beach-ready. Haha 

I guess one of the remaining constants in life is that Starbucks never forget to put a smile on our face even if the rain is already coming. How can we not be giddy despite the gloomy weather when there are new Frappuccino flavors to try, new Starbucks Card to collect, new pastries to taste and new Coffee innovations to explore! ❤️