Laureen Uy Collaborates With Stradmore for 2015 Blogberry University Planner + Giveaway [Closed]

by - Friday, June 12, 2015

When I was in college (I hate to say this), I consider myself as an ultimate superwoman. I still don't know how I was able to juggle school, blogging, and freelance work all at the same time. But I guess, one my keys to multitasking is to jot down everything that I need to remember. Whether it's a lecture or a to-do list, I write them down to my trusted notebook. 

I tried using the sticky notes on my phone and laptop yet I still feel more accomplished when I write my to-do   lists / notes on paper. There's actually a study that says students who write their notes on paper to learn more. 

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou -4 Planner

I've always been the hunt for the best planner that will suite my lifestyle. But none of the existing ones had passed my standard. But now, Stradmore Notes, a leading stationary supplies brand in the Philippines, has partnered with the popular Blogger Lifestyle Laureen Uy for the 2015/2016 Blogberry University Lifestyle Planner. And now, a planner has made my cut. (Too bad I just graduated)

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -3

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -5

This special planner stands out from the regular ones in the market. Aside from the fact that it's made for students to simplify their life, it also follows the school calendar beginning in June and ending in October the following year. It also has a lot of special pages that every student would actually be thankful for.  

 Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -6

Nicole Anderson, one of Laureen Uy's blogger besties, was there to support her by hosting the #BeTheBestYou Planner launch at Glorietta 1. 

According to Scott Yuyitung, Stradmore Notes Marketing Director, "Stradmore Blogberry University Lifestyle Planner is every student's partner in tracking down their schedules and goals in life, one page at a time."

  Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou -10 Planner

Laureen Uy said that she's very hands-on with this project. And Nicole, being a tambay in her condo (as she said), truly agreed with her ​​statement. That she works early morning to just to achieve her dream planner. Laureen also shares that she also asked her family and closest friends like, Camille Co., Kryz Uy, Nicole Andersson, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and etc., to share inspiring and encouraging quotes and advices in the pages of the Blogberry #BeTheBestYou Planner.

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou -13 Planner
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To add fun to the event, Laureen and Nicole hosted a Dress-Me-Up Doll Game. Three of Laureen's readers were invited on stage to dress up the doll and whoever mix and matches the best outfit that fits Laureen's style wins the game.

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou -12 Planner

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -7

The last time I got a chat with Laureen was when I interviewed her for for . I asked her that time if she's also interested in writing a book like her sister, only to find out that months after, she launched something that we did not saw coming - a planner that's perfect for a busy college girl.

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -8 Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -9

The 15/16 Blogberry University Lifestyle Planner helps college students to organize and plan both school and personal activities that comes along. Below are the special pages inside the #BeTheBestYou Planner:

* Class and Organization, Grades and Cash Tracker
* Month View and Week-View Calendar
* Cheat Sheets like Google Like A Boss, Mathematical Hacks and a MRT / LRT map (my favorite pages!)
* Monthly pages where you can write down monthly goals, favorite quotes, doodles, and even post your selfie!
* A Dress-Me-Up Page every month with sticker pages at the back of the planner

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -2 

This stylish #BeTheBestYou Planner can be yours for 499.45 php.  It is already available in leading bookstores nationwide. 

Yuppies can get #BeTheBestYou Chic Journal instead which also features the inspirational and encouraging message seen in the planner as well. It is available for only 299.75 php.

As a sign of love to all the college girls out there, I am giving away one planner to a The Lifestyle Wanderer reader. I just finished college and I want to find a lucky person who can put this baby to good use this school year. 

Join the rafflecopter below and make sure to follow the direction. Don't forget to comment below so that I can contact you personally if ever you win. :)

Patty Villegas- #BeTheBestYou Planner -1 copy

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