Latest Smart Watch for Fashion and Convenience-Cogito Watch!

by - Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yay! Finally found the time to blog. I swear I've been wanting to blog for weeks. It's just that all my stuff are getting piled up that's why I've been in a hiatus for quite some time.  How's it going, guys? How's school? I guess you are also given few requirements already. Eeeeck!!
So here it goes. Lately, smart watches are on the loose. And yeah, I may have found the coolest of them all. A smart watch that could become the shutter button of your phone, notifies you if you have a message or call, locates your phone if it gets lost and a lot lot more!!

Hail to all the Watch Lovers out there! Because, Thinkscape Co. brings the latest innovation of smart watches in the Philippines—the Cogito Watch! On that memorable night last June 4, 2014 at 71 Gramercy, everyone get to witness how this watch can be very fashion forward but at the same time very functional for all the guys and girls out there.


Cogito (Latin; pronounced as which means “I think” is the connected fashion watch intended to maximize the features of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and simplify your connected life. It effortlessly balances smart technological innovations with a strong statement of style. Not only does it help you in getting connected to your smart phone’s features, it also comes in different eye catching colours that would definitely make you fall in love.

The Brand Ambassadors of Cogito were also unveiled that night. The roster includes Rikka Infantado (a celebrated Public Relations expert and Events host), Pia Wurtzbach (Former Bb. Pilipinas Candidate), Suki Salvador (Mega Magazine’s Executive Creative Director) and Fabio Ide (celebrity). Apparently, Fabio Ide can’t make it that night because he is out of the country.


Henri-Nicholas Olivier, CEO of CONNECTEDEVICE, said “We believe a watch should be, first and foremost, a fashion accessory, not simply a digital watch display on your wrist.”




The Cogito Pop Watch serves as an extension of your smartphone, not a duplicate of it. Just imagine yourself in the middle of a meeting, and itching to check the latest notifications on your phone. Wouldn’t it be so awkward to check it on your phone right away? This watch allow users to see alerts like incoming calls and missed calls, emails, text and social media events, calendar events or even when you’re phone is running out of battery with the use of LED notifications.

Amazed by how the alert works, wait ‘till you try using the Cogito Watch as your remote music control, trigger for your phone camera, and an instrument to look for your camera and muting incoming calls! This is just way too awesome, right?

So happy because I stayed with her for the night and get to talk to her about different stuff regrading school, works, and the likes!

Skull Necklace | Nava , Electric Blue Crop Top | The Vintage Ramp 


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