TLW Reacts to The Fault In Our Stars Movie

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seriously, how can I not react to the most sought after movie of the young generation today--The Fault In Our Stars. Everyone is just crazy about it and I guess majority of the audience who saw the film actually cried their hearts out with Hazel Lancaster.

This is such a perfect movie to be seen by everyone because it depicts a point of view of a sick girl trying to live her life despite cancer.  The story line is not as cliche as others think.

I'm so glad because I've seen the movie after reading the book! Turns out I get to appreciate every scene and turn John Green's fictional words into a reality. It was amazing how they interpreted the book. Although, there are other scenes in the book that wasn't included in the film, I don't think it affected the adventures of Hazel and Gus that much.  

Because of the film, I'm now inspired to know more about Amsterdam. (And make it one of my dream travel destination) :)

If you haven't read the book yet, I assure you that you'll also have the same cliff hanging feels after seeing the film. You'll be just like Hazel asking for more questions about the book "The Imperial Affliction". *tears*

In the end, this story covers Hazel's relationship with her parents and friends apart from her love that's why I find this movie/book very relatable to every teens out there.

See the movie know and you'll def cry buckets of tears like I did! Okay? :)

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