Reward Points Converted to KFC Chicken Meal!

by - Saturday, June 28, 2014

I had observed that this post on my different social media accounts gained some likes which made me decide to write something about this current promotion.

Well, for Globe and TM users, I've got some good news for you! Though I found out about this promo a little late for it's current run, Yes! You can use your reward points from Globe Telecoms to buy any meal that you like at KFC. :)

I'm such a foodie that's why I got so stunned the moment I found out about this offer. KFC is also one of my must-visit fast food chains whenever I feel like drowning myself to gravy. Do you feel the same way, too? For a college student who often uses load to call, text and internet, I also want to maximize the use of my rewards as well. That's why now, I know where I shall allot my rewards. *evil laugh*

With a minimum of 20 reward points on your phone, you can buy any kind of food available at any local KFC branch. You know what makes this offer so great? 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso! :) To avail this offer, you gotta check your points first by texting BAL to 4438. After that, once you got decided how many points are you going to use, text BUY<space>9175371819<space><your points> to 4438 to pay your meal. If you're points for example still doesn't meet the price of your desired meal, you can add some cash to avail of that said meal.

I was so eager to try this new offer from KFC--the Crispy Cheese Chicken topped with Clover Chips for 99 php. I got 115 points that's why I didn't pay anything. Awesome, right?

 I'm not a fan of junk food but out of curiosity, I bought this one to try it out. Turns out it's actually good! (Must stop judging food from now on based on their appearance. Haha!)

To think that Globe only offers reward points to its clients, I think that this kind of partnership with one of the famous fast food chain in the Philippines is a plus points for them to gain new customers. 

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