Little Chit-chat with a New Friend

by - Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yayy! Finally get to meet my first blog giveaway winner! I introduce you to Fati Recede! :)

I'm so happy because many joined and participated in my giveaway and I can say that it was a success!

I'm glad that I get the chance to meet her despite the busy schedule ahead of me. We talked about lots of stuff like school, blogging of course, and love life! :)) So this is what it feels like to see a reader in person. I believe that the virtual world still has its boundaries between me and my readers.

I hope you liked all the additional stuff that I added Fati!

Of course, we wouldn't miss the chance to take photos! I love her company! :)

So here's the catch to my other TLW readers, i'm cooking my next giveaway very soon! A clue? It's a local online store wherein they sell unique bags for girls and yuppies who wanna stand out from the others! You gotta stay tuned for this one ladies! 

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