Visit the Boracay of the North! (Cagayan Valley Day 4)

by - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I just wanna share my one of my most cherished trip from the North. I think I really fell in love with this not-so-hidden paradise at Sta. Ana, Cagayan. 

So we are on our way to Nangaramoan beach because it will be our jump off point to Anguib Beach (Boracay of the North) and Pozo Robo Beach. The road going to the beach is just so calm and beautiful.

Ms. Edz, the Project Development Assisstant of Sta. Ana, Cagayan, told us that we can stop over to a place where the indigenous people (IP) resides.

Look just how refreshing this view is! Looks like one of the locations found in movies.

So this is how they still do their laundry, on a river.

After we visited the IPs, we went straight to Anguib Beach. Once we headed to the sandy part of the beach, I thought that was it. But then, we had to walk for less than a km to see where the beach is.

Even though we aren't there yet, I can already lay around where we're at because of the great view that surrounds us. But then, the locals told us that the most beautiful view is just yet to come. Exciting!

We stop by this stream to drink fresh water from it. I asked them if somebody had already conducted a study whether the water is safe for drinking or not. Surprisingly, no one has ever done anything like that yet. But then, it tastes like mineral water from home.

And finally, we're at Anguib Beach aka Boracay of the North!

Just look at this awesome view! This can make a good wallpaper for laptops! What do you  think? :)

The good thing about this place is that for only 500 php per head, you can get a cottage plus one lunch and two snacks! Ain't that a good deal already? Just book at least days before so that the management can prepare ahead of time.

They offer different water activities here like jet ski, kayaking, and etc. apart from the usual swimming.

It's actually my first time to walk in a fine white sand beach that's why I can't really compare it to Boracay. But, I can say that all of us loved the view, the beach, and the fine sand.

Make sure that you're ready for tan lines because you'll definitely get loads on this place! Just bring your trusted sunblocks with you.

But swear, this paradise won't fail you when it comes to water adventure with your family or cliques! 

I am so happy because we get to try kayaking. Another first for me!

The next beach that we visited was at Pozo Robo Beach. This beach is parallel to the Nangaramoan Beach. But to go here coming from Anguib beach, make sure you got a ride because it's quite a long trip ahead.

I automatically fell in love with the scenic view that this place has! :))

Saw this little creatures over the place. Too adorable!

After our beach hopping, we visited the Cagayan Hotel and Leisure Hotel (Sun City) for some shot.

So this ends my Cagayan Valley trip! I encourage everyone to take a visit this place and enjoy the picturesque places in our country. It's just plain beautiful to miss out.

Happy Summer!

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