Rest, Renew and Bloom with Love, Bonito's Newest Loungewear Collection

by - Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Just last month, I had to update my wardrobe because the scheduled return to the office is fast approaching. My knee-jerk reaction? Check out Love, Bonito's bestsellers for outfits I can wear on rotation. I'm glad I did because not only was I able to score reasonably-priced blouses,  I was able to snag a gown for a friend's wedding.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Loungewear_Lennea Lounge Kimono and Verita Rayon Lounge Shorts
Love, Bonito's latest loungewear collection inspired by the French saying 'Fleur Fanee'
On that note, Love, Bonito celebrates rest and renewal this month. Get first dibs on Love, Bonito’s latest loungewear collection centered around the theme of renewal. Inspired by the beauty in wilting before blooming once again, the collection serves as a reminder to rest and take that much-needed time for yourself. Very apt for the corporate rush I've been experiencing these days. 😪

Featuring their specialty in-house print, the design was centered around a French saying ‘Fleur Fanée’ – signifying the beauty of a wilted flower. The creation of the unique flower motif starts with pressing a variety of wilted flowers to get the texture, outlines, and shapes of the petals. Guided by the pressed flowers, the motif is then digitally drawn in and coloured, before being stylistically arranged to create the Renewed Blooms print.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer -  Love, Bonito - Loungewear_Fidelia V-neck Lounge Dress in Renewed Blooms (Black)
Love, Bonito's Loungewear Fidelia V-neck Lounge Dress in Renewed Blooms (Black)
Made of rayon, a breathable lightweight fabric, the collection is suited for lounging in both style and comfort. Crowd-favourite silhouettes including the kimono, loose-fitting shirt top, and flowy lounge bottoms are back, and the team has also introduced new cuts including a short-sleeved dress with a flattering v-neckline. Thoughtfully made with versatility in mind, pieces from the collection have an added lining that makes them feasible even for a casual jaunt outside.

Shop Love Bonito’s newest Loungewear collection starting today, 27 April, at ✨

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