Pain-Free Waxing Experience at Home: A Pink Parlour Home Service Review

by - Tuesday, November 02, 2021

During the pandemic, there were times that I had to resort to DIY waxing with the help of my sisters to remove unwanted hair in my pits. While it was a good bonding experience, the trial and error experience was memorable in good ways and bad ways for all of us—though we still got the job done. When I heard that Pink Parlour finally offered home service, it was a knee-jerk reaction to book their services for that trusted painless waxing experience I've known and loved through the years.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Pink Parlour - Home Service - Waxing - Title
First time to try Pink Parlour's home service! 

How to Book

All I had to do is fill up their home service booking form at Apart from asking for my personal details, the guidelines were also listed for the customer's reference.

  1. Applicable for waxing and whitening services only. 
  2. Exclusive for clients in Metro Manila Only (will confirm location if serviceable).
  3. Home Service does not apply to promos, packages, GC, or vouchers. 
  4. The client must book online 3 days before the preferred appointment for waxing/whitening sessions. 
  5. Online payments are encouraged prior to servicing. 
  6. Quezon City, Makati, and Pasig areas are covered with transportation costs. For outside areas, the client will top off an extra Php 200 for the transportation expense.
  7. Strictly no Add-ons during or after waxing/whitening sessions. For additional service(s) the client will need to follow #4 and #5. 
  8. The client will provide his or her own protective linen during the waxing/whitening sessions, we will not be responsible for any wax stains in beds or their cover. 
  9. For the safety of everyone, we require that client will need to wear a mask (face shield if needed) during the waxing/whitening session. 
  10. Their staff will be accompanied by one male auxiliary staff for security purposes. 
  11. Home service is strictly for paying clients only. Package, membership, or Gift card redemption is not allowed. 
  12. The appointment will be confirmed if payment is made in full. 
  13. Payments cannot be refunded, canceled, reversed, or charged back. 
  14. Should there be another client to be serviced at the same house, he/she must also fill out the form. No confirmed booking, no servicing.
  15. Their therapists are fully vaccinated and will show a vaccination card upon entry to your premises. Should antigen or rapid tests be requested, the client will shoulder the cost. 
  16. Customer to secure an entry permit should your residence requires. 
  17. Home services are available from 11 Am to 4 pm only on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY.
I filled up the form around 5 PM and remember getting a response from the Pink Parlour team in less than 24 hours to confirm my booking.

Home Service Experience

On the day of the booking, I got an update that morning reminding me about my underarm and waxing session that afternoon. Before my session started, I took a bath, use my throwaway towel for the session, and made sure the bedsheet are ready for replacement after the session.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Pink Parlour - Home Service - Waxing
My due-for-replacement bedsheet is accidentally matchy-matchy with Pink Parlour! 

Ate Farrah, from Pink Parlour Eastwood, arrived on time via a motorcycle with male auxiliary staff. He stayed downstairs while she went with me upstairs for the session. While walking towards my place, she told me that she remembered me because she used to do my laser treatment in Eastwood. Mind you, my last visit to their branch was back in 2018! 😲

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Pink Parlour - Home Service - Waxing - PPE
Ate Farrah in PPE before we started the waxing session

As soon as we entered the condo, she put down her things and got dressed in PPE. It was reassuring to see the pin attached to her clothing saying that she's fully vaccinated. Regardless, we both were wearing our masks the entire time the session was ongoing.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Pink Parlour - Home Service - Waxing - Tools
All the tools needed for the waxing session

Since their tools are clean and sanitized, I asked her to put them on the sofa since it's accessible to the bed. 

Pink Parlour's signature Pink Candy Wax

Fun fact: Their pink candy wax is perfect for sensitive skin and only sticks to the hair so it's not painful once pulled during the session.

Ate Farrah began the session with the underarm waxing, then the Brazilian waxing. During the entire time, she was careful and reassuring. I'll admit it's awkward bringing somebody in to get the job done but Ate Farrah was able to easily break the ice and do things carefully and efficiently. She also constantly asks if the wax is a little too hot for my skin. Overall, the session took more or less 20 minutes. Regardless of in-store or home experience, I can vouch it's the same Pink Parlour experience I've known and loved. :)

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Pink Parlour - Home Service - Underarm - Waxing
Much-needed underarm waxing from Pink Parlour!

After the session, Ate Farrah packed all her tools and the used wax and left the condo. Talk about CLAYGO!

Pro-tip: It will be easier for the staff to get the job if your bed has space on both sides so that they can easily access the specific areas that need waxing. 

To know more about Pink Parlour's home service, you can check out their website or Facebook page.

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