The Best Nail, Waxing and Spray Tan Salon Yet

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

There are different nail and waxing salons here and there offering all the same services that are really tempting to try out. Instead of going to a regular salon, girls can opt to visit specialty salons since they have staff that are knowledgeable in the services that they offer. 

Awesome! I got invited to try out one of Pink Parlour's trademark service--Brazilian Wax.

Definitely a sight to see the moment you pass by this uber kikay lounge!

Mind you, in a short span of time, Pink Parlour also has a branch in Malaysia,
Indonesia and Singapore. Talk about meeting international standards!

Everything is so pink that's why it's now my top of mind haven for girls who wanna pamper and just relax with Pink Parlour's wide array of services. 

This branch might look a little cramped on the outside, but wait till you see what's inside.

Here's how the rooms inside look like.

A simple and nice bed to lie on for my session. Oh, and don't forget its touch of Zebra skin on it!

Love the fact that the things inside are well organized. Whether they are for waxing or another service, the staff sure will not have a hard time getting what she needs before she start the session.

In my session, I'm amazed to know that I will not have the usual honey strip brazilian wax. (Oh and by the way, this is just my second time trying out Brazilian Wax that's why I'm still a scaredy cat!)

I  also found out that Pink Parlour's Brazilian Wax is an award winning service! They use hard wax instead of strip to prevent customers from discomfort. Trust me, you would want this kind of wax on your first try so you'll have your standards at an affordable cost!

The session lasted for less than 20 minutes. It was quite fast and I like the fact that I was chill the whole time. The staff was so friendly that's why I don't sense any awkwardness inside the room, too.

I also have to commend the wax itself. It's temperature is just good enough to touch your skin. Unlike honey strip, you'll definitely feel comfortable during the session and worry about nothing. Felt no pain after the session!

Truly, the staff knows what she's doing and I love it!

So if you're thinking of braving your first brazilian wax but still a little scared, you know where you're going!

Look at this! They give certificates for "Brazilian Survivors"! This goes to the girls and guys who braved their first Brazilian treatment at Pink Parlour. Cutie! (Excuse my face! Haha )

My final words, entrust this kind of service to experts. Whether your desired treatment will be a first one or you are just not satisfied with your current salon, make sure that you know what you re up to. I'm definitely gonna go back at Pink Parlour for sure!

To know more about Pink Parlour's services, you can visit their website at Also, visit their Facebook page at to get latest updates and promos!

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