Huawei Watch Fit Review: Best 5k Smartwatch Today!

by - Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Whether you're into fitness or not, equipping yourself with the new Huawei Watch Fit allows you to get more conscious about yourself holistically.

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After learning that Huawei launched the Watch Fit, I found myself mentally listing my deal-breakers in a smartwatch. I was eyeing this other smartwatch which is why I was skeptical about this smartwatch at first. Spoiler alert–the Huawei Watch Fit caught my attention (in a good way)! Let me narrow down how this less-than-5k smartwatch made me realize that I don't need an expensive smartwatch to achieve my wellness goals.

Built and Design

Sporting a 1.64 rectangle AMOLED display and 280 x 456 HD resolution, this smartwatch came through with an uber clear display of the screen. Its auto-brightness screen feature adjusts to the room's lighting perfectly. Because I was upgrading from Huawei Band 4, the difference in the display was apparent. I also have an above-average arm size, the size of the watch face matches my arm size just the way I like it.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Watch Fit - Review - design
The side button located on the watch's right side
One thing I noticed about the different variants of this watch is the difference in the watch's face colorway. Because I got the mint green strap, my watch face has a matte silver watch face. I bumped its edges a few times on the wall but I'm glad that scratches are not in sight.

Like the Huawei Band 4, the Huawei Watch Fit's strap is also made of silicone. Meaning, it's advisable to take off your watch before washing your hands to avoid developing a foul smell in between the watch and your arm's surface. Because this watch comes with 5 ATM water resistance for sweat, splash, and submerged water resistance of up to 50 meters, you can also opt to remove it after washing your hands to wipe your skin dry.

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Let's talk about the unit's watch face. I was over the moon when I learned that the Huawei Watch Fit came with a standby watch face option at a Php 5k price point. I've always wanted a smartwatch with this feature despite the cons (consumes battery time in half and disables the raise to wake feature) because it gives me a sleeker, more minimalist watch face option in the background, especially during times I'm not keen on monitoring my steps and heart rate. 


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Another shocker thing about this smartwatch is the fact that it can be fully-charged in less than hours and last up to ten days of continued usage. While I miss Huawei Band 4's built-in USB plug, the Huawei Watch Fit comes with a charging cradle that can be attached to the back part of the watch face once the unit becomes low in battery. I thought long battery life was common among the smartwatches in the market. However, after gathering insights, I learned that this smartwatch is in the forefront in terms of strong battery life–all thanks to its dual chipset architecture and power-saving algorithms.


Let me tell you this–the Huawei Watch Fit is power-packed with so many features that I'm perplexed with how they were able to retain a low price point for this smartwatch. First off, it comes with 12 animated fitness courses for those who don't know how to kickstart their fitness journey. I was blown away after discovering workout videos within arm's reach, making it easier for users to start exercising right away. 

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My favorite quick workout so far? The Neck & Shoulder relaxation course. It's now my go-to stretching exercise to treat myself after a grueling work task. To choose a course, one needs to click the side button and press the "Workout" option. Aside from the fitness courses, 96 workout modes are also available for people with set workouts. The watch also has an option to auto-detect workouts for walking, running, elliptical, and rower as soon as it reads a change in the users' activity intensity. 

Together with the Huawei Health App, the Huawei Watch Fit allows me to monitor my full-health situation by being able to track my heart rate, stress rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), menstrual cycle, and sleep. Before using this watch, I was using different apps to monitor these items. It's like I was offloaded with digital baggage after realizing that I can now refer to one app for all of these health-related data.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Watch Fit - Review - full health monitoring

I was also surprised by the accuracy of the Stress tracker. My stress levels were at their peak during stressful situations on a particular day–work presentation, beating deadlines, etc. Thanks to the HUAWEI TruRelax™ technology and all-day stress tracking algorithm, I can affirm the tines I feel tense. It doesn't end there, the Huawei Watch Fit also comes with guided breathing exercises to release your stress during taxing situations. 

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Other features that make the Huawei Watch Fit the best smartwatch one can ask for are the following–Music Controller, Remote Shutter, Find your Phone, Alarm, Weather, Timer, Stopwatch, and Flashlight. More than being a fitness-centric watch, these functional features allow the users to turn the Huawei Watch Fit into a personal assistant. I won't dive into each of them as they're explanatory. But let me end it with this–This smartwatch is like a gift that keeps on giving. Just when you thought you ROI'd the unit because of a specific feature, you'll be faced with other features waiting for you to unearth and maximize them as well.


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The Huawei Watch Fit easily won me over because of its endless features that make my way of living better than ever. Though it isn't a perfect product – slight display delay when clicking a function and the usage of a side button over a dial – these are points for improvement that Huawei can consider for the next Huawei Watch Fit generation. At a Php 4,999 price tag, investing in this smartwatch is the best decision you can make if ever you're in the hunt for a nice smartwatch for a long time (like me). Indeed the smartwatch search is over, I'm officially a Huawei Watch Fit convert. 😍

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