Two New Year's Resolutions, One Wearable: Huawei Band 4

by - Monday, January 13, 2020

It's been eighteen days past the new year celebration. How are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? While I've yet to set all my goals in stone this year, I already have a few things in mind that I want to achieve this year—become an early riser and live a more active lifestyle. As the blog post title suggests, the Huawei Band 4 is here to help me get started.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Sakura Pink
Wearing the Huawei Band 4 in Sakura Pink


"Sleep is for the weak," they said. It was in 2019 when I had terrible sleeping habits—staying up as late as 2 AM and waking up at 6 AM the next day for work. Factors such as overtime, anxiety, unfinished personal deliverables, and etc. kept me up most of the nights. This year, my target is to hit the sack at 11 PM to acquire at least six hours of sleep.

The Huawei Band 4 not only tracks sleep but also analyzes it as well. With the HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 technology, it takes note of the heart rate during sleep, suggests ways to get a sounder sleep, and rates the overall sleep quality. Jonas and I love checking out our daily sleep quality score to the point that we got a little competitive about it. lol

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Sleep - data - stats
Sleep stats from the Huawei Health App
Naps are also highlighted on the Huawei Health app, giving me an average number of naps I take in a day, a week, a month, or a year. I've never been this mindful when it comes to tracking my sleeping habits. haha

This wearable also serves as my alarm clock. I used to hide my phone under my pillow because I've set my alarm through it. (Don't do this!) With the Huawei Band 4, I can finally keep my phone away from me before bedtime and still be able to wake up on time for work. I find it effective how the band vibrates to wake someone up. To stop the alarm, one needs to swipe right the screen. One of my favorite Huawei Band 4 features so far! ⏰


My relationship with exercise was on and off last year. Even if this is the case, I'm glad I was able to try spinning and get back to boxing classes with my friends. This year, I hope to commit to at least one type of exercise and be consistent with it.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Cycling
Tracked my Outdoor Running and Cycling exercises with the Huawei Band 4
With HUAWEI TruSeenTM 3.5's technology, this wearable can provide detailed data results like heart rate, heart rate zone, steps, distance, speed, calories, and more. These data can definitely help one adjust for better exercising or training. Just look at all the data available in the app!

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Outdoor run - data - stats
My Outdoor run stats from the HUAWEI Health App
The TruSeenTM 3.5 tech monitors the heart rate with accuracy. It also provides intelligent reminders via vibrations if your heart rate exceeds the maximum average heart rate.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - heart - rate - stats.jpg
Heart rate stats from the Huawei Health App


It's a no-brainer for me to choose the Sakura Pink band color because of how plain and simple it looks. In fact, some friends loved this on me, too! I also had to get Jonas his own Band 4 because he's eyeing mine since the day I got it. haha I got him the Graphite Black version because I know it's the perfect color for his outfits—whether at work, during his basketball games, or at home in general.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Sakura Pink - Graphite Black
(L-R) HUAWEI Band 4 in Sakura Pink and Graphite Black
I also live for the flat touch screen because I tend to be careless with watches at times. In my opinion, this would accumulate fewer scratches compared to the curved screens. Also, I like how this wearable offers different watch faces to choose from. In fairness to HUAWEI, the majority of the faces available via the app looks fantastic. They even came up with seasonal faces, too. Too bad I can only save up to five watch faces at a time. 

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - watch faces
Some of the watch faces available at the HUAWEI Health App
I'm already sold after hearing the features mentioned above. But, this one really made me convert in no time! The Huawei Band 4 actually comes with a built-in USB plug. How cool is that? I already bring with me lots of cables for my gadgets. In this case, I only need to unstrap one of the straps so I can plug easily plug it in.

I can recall that one instance in the office where I simply plugged this wearable in my laptop after realizing my watch is low on battery. I only waited for approximately 1.25 hrs for it to be fully charged.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Built-in - USB - Plug
HUAWEI Band 4's built-in USB plug
I honestly don't remember wearing an analog watch after switching to the Huawei Band 4. My only wish for this gadget? I hope the brand sells stainless steel bands in the future, so I can also don this one on formal events.

Overall, I'd recommend this wearable for those who want to kick off their resolutions this year (just like me!). I initially wanted to grab the P23,000 smartwatch. But after using the HUAWEI Band 4 for about a month or two, I realized that this one works just fine for the kind of lifestyle that I have. Plus, we can't deny how cute the Sakura Pink band color is, yes? 😍

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Huawei - Band - 4 - Wearables - Sakura Pink - Review
Strolled around the village with Jonas' bike and the HUAWEI Band 4 
This wearable was launched alongside the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 and the HUAWEI Band 4e. Interested in getting yours soon? Score one (or two!) in a nearby HUAWEI store or via Lazada. The HUAWEI Band 4 retails for P1,890. 😁

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  1. I really want to own one of these wearable bands, particularly the ones from Apple (but they're so frikkin expensive). Will def check this out :) As long as it does it job, i'm fine. Haha!

    - Hazel


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