The legit Romoss Power banks have arrived in PH (Get them at Lazada 11.11 sale!)

by - Saturday, November 10, 2018

It was back in college when I first heard of the Romoss power banks. I've always wanted one because our classroom only has limited outlets and running out of battery in the middle of a school day is a total bummer. The brand's power banks were rampantly sold on the sidewalk before. However, I found them sketchy due to its overly cheap price. It was only until recently that I discovered that those items I saw in the past where either knock-off or smuggled. The authentic Romoss power banks have officially arrived last month in the Philippines and I was lucky to finally get my hands not just one but on most of them!

The Romoss Power banks are now in the Philippines!
I've learned that one can't have everything in a single power bank. I personally have a different backup power that fits the occasion where I'm in - a lightweight one on times I carry a small bag (mostly on formal events) and a heavy-duty option when in travel. It's fun to see that Romoss carries a variety of power bank dedicated to these specific needs.


The Romoss Sense 8+ 20,000 mAh power bank | Php 1,399

You may have already learned about my thoughts on this capable power backup on my previous blog post, but I just want to reiterate why it's the best power bank to bring in travel. Apart from its extensive stored battery capacity, it also has 18W fast charging support for one of its USB output ports. It can also charge three devices simultaneously. If you own multiple devices like I do, you'll know the feeling of having to wait for your device to be fully charged before plugging in another one. More on my review of this product when you click here.


The Romoss Sense 6+ 20,000 mAh power bank | Php 999
This product is very much like the Sense 8+ except that it is only housed with 20,000 mAh. It can power a phone to 50% in just half an hour and it also has multiple charging ports to cater up to three devices, all at the same time. The Sense 6+ also supports bi-directional USB Type-C for both powerbank and smartphones charging.

LT20 20,000 mAh POWER BANK

The Romoss LT20 20,000 mAh power bank | Php 969
This power bank stands out because of its LED battery indicator, meaning no more guesses as to whether it can still charge your phone with ample battery in times of need. Aside from this, it also has three input ports and two output ports that the other Romoss 20,000 mAh power bank doesn't have.


The Romoss Knight KN20 20,000 mAh power bank | Php 899
The sleek and distinctive design of the Romoss Knight KN20 power bank makes up for its two output ports. Its battery indicator is situated in the side compared to the other backup devices where it is located in front. It also has the Fitcharge adaption technology and intelligent detection device chip that ensures safe output current making it fully compatible with all mainstream smartphone brands today.


The Romoss Sense 8 30,000 mAh power bank | Php 1,199
The only difference between the Sense 8 and Sense 8+ has is that the latter supports a quick charge protocol. But for a few hundred pesos less, you can already get a 30,000 mAh power bank that you can lug with you when you travel. You can also be a good friend and share this power bank to a friend who also needs to juice up his/her device at the same time as you do.

The Romoss Power banks
Eyeing in one of the power banks above, you're in for a treat because selected Romoss items are up for grabs for an additional 15% discount tomorrow at Lazada's 11.11 sale! Simply click to check out the complete list of Romoss items that you can score. 😊

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