Why honestbee is my fave food delivery service app atm

by - Friday, November 30, 2018

I've been a silent fan of honestbee for quite a while because of its various food options on the website, their on-the-dot delivery service, and their responsive customer representatives. I've always been a sucker for new solutions that champions efficiency and this food delivery service answered my "hangry problem" even if I can't leave the office to grab my comfort food and drink.

Just imagine how glad I was in joining them on a fun, spooky, viewing of The Haunting of Hill House back in October. I'm meeting the fam for the first time plus I get to binge again my favorite thriller series at the moment!

(L-R) Donning a Riverdale Vixen costume, J.Co in the house

honestbee provided us with the perfect viewing experience at 20:20 bar. They dressed the place as a spooky horror house, played in the perfect Halloween series to watch, and provided us with different overflowing snacks to choose from. I dress up during Halloween only once in a blue moon which is why this experience is one for the books!

(L-R) Snacks from Candy Corner, Popcorn from Taters, and Coffee + Doughnuts from J.Co
Fast forward to recent events, my former officemates and I always look into a milk tea break from a busy day in the office. No joke, one milk tea order online reaches for about more than a thousand already. I'm starting to think if milk tea can already pass as our blood type. lol 😳🙈

With the help of honestbee's shared cart service (aka my favorite honestbee feature), no order will ever be forgotten because each one is responsible for adding their own request to the cart. I simply need to send them the link to the shared menu and I'll be the one to process once everyone's keyed in their specific order.

Our CoCo milk tea order can also pass as weights already lol

For my office despedida, I decided to organize a small get together on our office's rooftop AT THE LAST MINUTE to thank everyone for the warm stay in my nearly three years with the company. Since I still have a few work stuff to finish, I ordered via honestbee some Baliuag chicken, liempo, and chicharon to be paired with ice-cold bottles of Smirnoff. honestbee came right on time with a cheerful delivery guy to serve me on a Friday night. It put a smile in my face knowing my order arrived in time without the hassle of driving around and looking for a food to feed everyone on a busy night.

While I've had my fair share of good experiences with honestbee, a negative experience is quite inevitable for a service brand like them. In this case, I always make it a point to voice out some incidents I've had through their live chat to resolve my concern. One time, they were kind enough to send me a voucher for the inconvenience I've experienced. Talk about customer satisfaction dedication!

I definitely recommend you to just honestbee your food and drinks for your intimate family and friends gatherings this holiday season. From pizza, pastries, beer, to your random milk tea cravings, I'm pretty sure they have it covered for you on their website at honestbee.ph. Guaranteed more time will be saved through their top-notch service.

Have an honestbee experience that you'd like to share? Drop them on the comment section below. 💛

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