The Best Christmas Gift I've Gotten This 2014

by - Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Christmas is probably different from the past Christmas that I've celebrated. For the past years, it was all about festivity, lots of food, and most of all, a complete family. My sisters were not here at our home (at the moment) which makes us all feel less complete.

I went to Church this morning and reflected on the readings. Still, I'm happy to be reminded that of all things that surrounding us, we should all remember that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ. The day God gave his only begotten son to save each of us from sin. I think that makes up from all the Christmas blues that I've been experiencing lasr night.

Few weeks ago, I received a special gift from someone who I knew just the last quarter of 2014. Shari  of Truly Aesthetic was so sweet to ship this box of Assorted Bath Affirmations that she actually handcraft all the way from North Carolina at USA.

I am so new to Bath Affirmations. Here is what is written on the description.

Indulge your spirit with an assortment of Bath Affirmations™! This beautiful variation is an absolute luxury to behold due to the exquisite way in which these all natural and organic herbal bath salts enhance the environment of your bath. 

Here's what inside.

5 Assorted Bath Affirmations™ Bath Salt test tubes (1.7 oz/35g each) 
5 Assorted Bath Affirmations™ Scrolls 
5 unbleached muslin tea bags 
1 Slide Top Pencil box (8.5in x 2.5in x 2in/21.59cm x 6.35cm x 5.08cm) 
1 Direction Scroll 
1 Concept Scroll 

Bath Salts

These bath salts are poured directly under the stream of hot water. Then before stepping on your bath, clear your mind and read one of the affirmation scrolls. This will set the mood for your thoughts as well as enhance bath experience.

Here are the following lines of Bath Salts: 

 Assorted Bath Affirmations™ Scrolls 

5 unbleached muslin tea bags 

Everything personalized touches my heart. Reading this note is truly heartfelt.

Thank you Shari for this gift. I'll truly treasure this one. Thank you and Merry Christmas! :)

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