The Year Ender: Ten Best Lifestyle Wanderings This 2014

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As I was drafting this post, It just came to me on how gala I've became this 2014. I came out of my shell and discovered what life has to offer once I got out of my comfort zone. It was an achievement, I have to say. With that, I thought of coming up with this year ender post where I sum up TEN of my best wanderings this 2014. 

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This is the first major hair change that I've experienced ever. I always dream of having that beach waves and I can't thank Cynos enough for letting me achieve somehow close to what I wanted. At first, I was kinda in doubt with the results. Maybe because I'm still not used to it. Then months came where I receive compliments of how natural it looked--even my sister had her hair curled months after. 

No doubt, Eyebrow Reborn is a life-saver. It instantly made my eyebrows a good frame for my face. I actually got this service from Sister Secrets PH. With this semi-permanent tattoo, I can go out without putting too much makeup on because my eyebrow says it all. It's truly life-changing! I'll never have another tattoo done except for my eyebrows. :)

It was an honor for me to become one of the few invited guests to witness  the opening of the very grand SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. I truly love fashion and it was an honor for me to witness renowned global fashion brands on the catwalk that day. What made this extra special is that I was with my Sister Secrets family during the launch. So hoorah!

This is a dream come true-all thanks to Belle De Jour and their generosity! 

I never thought I get to witness the greatness of Bruno Mars in the Philippines' shore. He was extremely good that I actually sang and dance in my seat on almost all of his songs. Until now, the memory of his concert lives in me. I squeal for joy every time I remember him singing on stage.

PS. I inserted a video of him on my post in case you missed his concert. ;)

It was my first time to do yoga and I'm happy I get to do it with Urban Ashram. Their program is so perfect for young professionals which is why I am thinking of doing yoga again this 2015. #fitspiration 

I live in the south which makes me explore this place more than anywhere else. I'm happy that I get to experience staycation the Azumi way, It seems like I'm transferred to a different place shortly after I entered my designated room. The food, infinity pool and grand lobby was such a plus. It was indeed a great staycation on a Monday. :)

This 2014, I finally get to experience different ways of Brazilian Waxing. And I was very impressed with how Pink Parlour do it because it was pain-free! With the different kind of wax that they are using, the treatment was done fast and I'm giving two thumb up for that. It's a must visit for every girl, definitely.

I've never been to any H&M boutiques abroad. So when I heard H&M's gonna open at SM Mega Fashion Hall, I immediately said yes to the invitation. It was a feast of comfortable and awesome fashion pieces the moment I entered H&M. And surely, I took advantage of the 20% off on all of my purchase that night.

With the coffee-lover in me, I got astonished with the beauty that Mateo's have. I feel so homey with the vibe that it's giving me. Not only that. Apart from offering mouth-watering dishes/pastries and good aroma coffees, they also offer workshops like Crochet-making and Spanish 101 which will start on the 1st quarter of 2015. Check out my post to know more! :)

This one of my last wanderings this 2014. And yes, I have to say that you cannot not try their Facial Deluxe because it's so unique and at the same time soothing for your face. They have different treatments Dra. Kaycee will personally customize to fit for your skin's special needs.

This will be a yearly tradition at The Lifestyle Wanderer blog. I'm happy that you've dropped by my blog. Wishing you a happy new year, wanderers! And I can't wait to unearth more lifestyle wanderings for you. 

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