Who Says Floral

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello again! I'm starting the ber month season with an outfit post! Wohoo! 

Here's a little trivia about me: When I shop for clothes for an upcoming event, the only thing that pleases me is a floral dress. I have various of floral prints in my closet waiting to be photographed. :) 

This is what I wore for the exclusive launch of Max XL watch at 71 Gramercy. I wanted to look posh but at the same time maintain the young feels of the dress. (I saw this dress at a teenager section in SM department store. :] )

It's also a funny thing because the theme that night was Maximum style. Oh well, I think I went maximum with my floral prints, right?  

Floral Dress by Redhead from SM Department Store


Cover up is a must since this dress reveal some skin at the back. Too bad I didn't took photos of the back details. Talk about regrets! :(

Blo Blow Dry Bar is still and always will be my go to bar when i'm in dire need of a hair fix. They never fail to surprise me with a beautiful hair do in less than an hour! 

Accessories: Infinity like bracelet from Commonthread, Anchor bracelet by In My Basket by Naz and ring from Abubot and Butingting


Personalized "wanderer" necklace for 75 php only by Mel's Collection. Love the fact that many got surprised when they found out that they can have their own wire necklace for less. :)

Trusty flats from Payless Shoe Source Philippines. Payless has been my shoe haven since I found out that they cater the needs of my big shoe size. Now I can live the dream of being a shoeaholic.

Wishing you all a great rest of the year! This morning, I'm also thinking what happened to the past months of 2014. Hoping we can all have a progressive and fun remaining 4 months before 2015. 


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