The Lifestyle Wanderer Hotel Review: Azumi Boutique Hotel

by - Friday, August 22, 2014

After my hiatus for weeks, I'm back my friends! I can't wait to tell you my different escapades for the past couple of weeks. :) Let me start off with this one.

If you're following me on Instagram, you actually knew that I had a short staycation on a hotel in Alabang. I consider this as one of my major staycation this year. Since I am piled up with school works, job, and my internship, this is definitely one good energizer to keep me going.

Last July, me and my friends (in behalf  of Sister Secrets) were invited by Azumi Boutique Hotel to experience safe residence along the street of Alabang down across the south. I often hang out in Alabang but I am in shock to discover a place where I can rest and unwind in the area.

I fell in love with the interiors the moment I saw it. Since I like vintage stuff, I felt like pursuing a collection of this kind after seeing them. As a travel junkie, this inspired me to explore beautiful places and find myself along the way.

The hotel has really nice employees and I commend them for that. They were even checking up on us via phone call if we are on need of anything. We felt so at home. Two thumbs up for that!

On our way to our designated room, we were told that these tiles are not just your ordinary tiles. This are called Ecocarat tiles which help filter bad odors, humidity and harmful substance. Talk about cool and functional tiles! 

This is the room that we were booked--The Garden Room. These rooms were located only on the 5th floor of the hotel.

How cozy! We also love how there are mirrors all over the room. Define vanity while you're looking at it.

What also makes their rooms unique is the see through bathrooms. But don't fret! They got blinds in case you want some privacy. :)

One of their services that I like the most is their SCHEDULED FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to nearby establishments. :) We went to Alabang Town Center just 5 minutes away from the hotel to grab lunch. 

After grabbing late lunch, we decided to grab quick deep in their infinity pool located at the hotel's penthouse.  

The city's sky line is really such a sight to see! 

FYI, they also do functions and events at this hall also located at the Penthouse. :)

Dinner came and we decided to eat inside our room. We also wanna try what Romulo Cafe has to offer. :)

Another two thumbs up for their food options! 

Lechon Kang Kong
The General's Chicken
Meatless Tortang Talong

Garlic Rice
Watermelon Shake
Included on our stay is a buffet breakfast at Romulo Cafe found at the ground floor. They have limited but tasteful local food options for breakfast. :)

I don't eat much during breakfast but the choices at Romulo Cafe is enticing enough for me to have a heavy meal that specific morning.

The over all experience at Azumi is something that I wanna repeat soon. From the staff, facilities to the services, I am at awe with what Azumi Boutique Hotel has to offer in terms of amenities and service. Not only for southerners but also to our friends from the north! 

Thank you so much Azumi Boutique Hotel for the short and sweet stay at your classy hotel. :)

Azumi Boutique Hotel is located at 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park Phase III Alabang, Muntinlupa. You can take the Skyway for an easier ride going to south. 

Know more about their room rates, promos, etc. here.

What do you think about their hotel? Drop a comment below!

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Other Photos by: Jheannalou Torre

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