Laid back Wednesday

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I was privileged to hear some ladies from the Style Bible PH at a BDJ event few months back.  They were the one who said to never be afraid of investing on basics because you can still play on it with different accessories. 

Since you already knew my love for sheers, here's another addition to my collection. Yes, another sheer top for my OOTD. But this time around, I acquired a white one.

I really don't like buying white pieces of clothes because 1) They're hard to clean, 2) I do my laundry, 3) Stains can be easily noticed and 4) They discolor after months time just like other clothes. But these conditions were disregarded when I saw this top from Mommy Arnie's rack during Blogger's United 7. 

This sheer closed-neck top is already one of my go-to tops whenever I wanna achieve that smart-casual look. Perfect for strolling at malls and a sudden meeting with your bosses. 

I also like the fact that you can roll 'em up if ever you feel a little hot. Dude, it's the Philippines. Weather can be quite moody that's why this top is some sort of a versatile one. 

I'm guilty! I raid my mom's closet for stuff whenever I lack something for my outfit. Guess what? I saw this wonderful bag she bought years bag. She rarely uses it that's why I didn't hesitate to borrow it from her. Just a while ago, I found out that she bought this bag for like P130 on a thrift shop. What a steal! 

Going back, since I went for laid back this day, I opt to wear this vintage necklace from Bea's Place. This boutique of good finds is owned by Bea Benedicto. You should check it out and see unique stuff for yourself!

Shoesies! If there's a place I could think of when looking for impulse shoe buys, that would be Payless Shoe Store PH. The shoes I'm wearing on this post is also another steal. Imagine, I bought this pair of shoes for P190 only. I think I'm slowly turning into a shoeaholic. :)

QUICK OOTD Recap: Sheer Top | Mommy Arnie's rack on BU7, Jeans | Forever 21, Vintage Necklace | Bea's Place, Bronze Shoes | Payless Shoe Store PH

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