Teenager No More

by - Monday, May 12, 2014

Yesterday, I just celebrated my 20th birthday and I keep on telling myself that I am really old. Things passed by so quickly and I didn't realize how I just went through the flow and hadn't took much time to breathe.

Everything is happening so quickly. It was way beyond my expectation, really. I keep on telling myself how lucky and blessed I am because I get to learn how to be vibrant and exceptional in this mad world.

Turning 20 is not just a number for me, I see it as a new phase in my life wherein I could explore more and at the same time take full pledge in the responsibilities of being a yuppie. (Did I just referred myself as a yuppie? Ulk.) 

Anyway, I am very eager to face this new chapter in my life wherein I have to be responsible in all the actions that I'm about to take. Every decision could make or break me as a person. But still, from all the mistakes that i'm about to commit, I know that there lies a certain lesson behind it.

I'm happy that I ended my teenage years so well because I get to be surrounded by positive and energetic people. You are all such an inspiration why I remain strong and sweet as possible to all of you!

Now, it's time to face the world with head held high. I'm ready to conquer this world by my own means and I cannot wait to venture in different stuff that would make me become the best person that I can be.

Scallop Top, Perfect Fit Shop | Denim Jeans, Giordano | Nude Heels, Comfort plus/Payless Shoe Store
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