Make the Town Colorful with Tokidoki in the City!

by - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ever since I've been studying Advertising and Public Relations, I easily fell in love with graphics and how these inspiring artworks came to life. Well, I secretly envy people who do artworks so well. They're just too good in expressing there mood and feelings, right?

I am honored enough to be one of the bloggers who will grace the Tokidoki launch at SM North Edsa The Block. These Larger than life statues are such a sight to see and cannot be ignored whether you are a child or an adult. (Ugh, childhood in me never fades!)

DJ Sanya Smith, also a fan of Tokidoki, was the host of the most sought after brand for cool graphic merchandise. And look who she's gonna interview...

... the Creative Director of Tokioki, Simone Legno. He's an italian artist who easily fell in love with Japan and all its wonders.

Lucky members of the audience get to ask him anything about his work of art, his influences and his favorite character on the whole Tokidoki line.

There is also a Pop up shop wherein you can buy different Tokidoki merchandise. Take note guys, the money that you'll be spending will be used to help on the housing project of SM Cares for the Typhoon Yolanda survivors. How cooler can that be?

Everything is so cute that I wanna get one of each kind!

This had been the apple of my eye. Snapbacks! This is worth P 1,500 and for me, the price is quite reasonable since Tokidoki is known worldwide.

These cute stationery notebook is a must-have for every girly girls out there. Isn't Unicorno the cutest?! 

Adios is also there to give free hugs to everyone!

And since I am like Olaf who likes warm hugs, of course I woudn't pass the chance to hug Adios so tight! :)

Wanna hug Adios, too? Do not fret because you can hug the iconic Tokidoki character all you want a him every Saturday and Sunday of May and June, at 2 PM and 5 PM at the Block Atrium.

You can also checkout  the awesome tokidoki collectibles at the Collector’s Hall from April 25 to May 30 at The Block.

Cat T-shirt | Artwork
Red Acid Washed Jeggings | Fudge Rock PH

Official site:
Twitter: @tokidoki

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