My Kind Of Summer Style

by - Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heyyo! How're you guys? Is the hot weather bothering you for days already? If yes, then we got the same feeling, man! I've been thinking lotsa ways already on how I can live despite the weather that'll reign for quite some months from now! 

First thing that came to my mind is what would be my summer style! I would like present to you what my ideal Summer Style looks like. A Bohemian peg that would really embrace the summer weather in the Philippines! :)

Don't you just love Dumond's Violeta Flamboyant bag from their Spring Summer 2014 Collection? I just do! :)) I just added a vibrant scarf to make it look more posh! 

I just wish I can pull of this kind of look with the greatest ensembles that I can match up with so that I can totally feel the summer vibe! Right?

I can definitely relate this look on how Dumond as a brand became so loved by different ladies around the globe. This brand has the 4 key characteristics that also matches my summer style look!

Above anything else, this look is represented in a Brazilian way. I got this great feeling that Brazilian are indeed sexy. And the Spring Summer Collection 2014 of Dumond is a great instrument for us ladies to unleash that inner sexiness of ours! 

Next is the premium quality. When I was doing the styling for this look, I know that the whole peg will stand out because of the vibrant color of the Dumond bag. 

The whole outfit is such a beauty, right?  I find this outfit quite a laid back one but still has the kick to stand out from the crowd!

I wanted this Summer style to still look sophisticated even though this is something to be worn during the summer. That's why the Violeta Flamboyant is such a tease for this outfit!

Let me know if you like my summer style. Comment below, friends! :)

You can check more of the Spring Summer Collection of Dumond at or in instagram at @dumondph.

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