I got Blo-ed!

by - Friday, March 21, 2014

This is a very surprising post for most of my friends who knows that my hair is permed just last December. The main reason why I wanted my hair to get permed was because I want to have that big curly hair perfect for the coming summer. The result, I got the not-so big curls because that it is the most that they can do with my hair. Still not a regret though because I really wanna have my hair permed before I step in the young adulthood stage.

This is what I wore for Nikita Conwi's Blo Party at Blo BloDry Bar at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. For those of you who don't know her yet, she is a freaking awesome DJ from RX 93.1. What made me love her so much aside from the fact that I find her so posh is that she has the same love for pop/punk rock like I do. Yeah! I would share my experience from her super fun birthday party soon! So you gotta stay tuned to that. 

Anyway, everyone is entitled to get their hair bloed. And Look what they did to my hair! :)  

Do you like my HollyWould Hair Style? :) I see this cutesy hair style in the red carpet indeed. Perfect for major events to make you stand among the rest! Take note, no scissors involve. Just blow dry! 

Defs gonna go back to their minimalist but pretty dry bar!

Also, I got a cutesy kickers from Forever 21. (Heard that some of their stuff are on sale now!)
 If you are a reader of my blog, it is quite obvious that I am really into much floral kinds of stuff. They were a match with my off shoulder top from Bizaare. This top is a good piece for my closet because I rarely see anyone who has the same. Oh, yes. I've never seen anyone. :) 

Did you get the dancer vibes on this look? I guess. On my part, I got the inspiration from the Movie Honey starred by Jessica Alba. Gahd, I love that movie so much. Made me wanna dance professionally. Haha!!

Floral Sneakers | Forever 21

 Hair | Blo BlowDry Bar
Off Shoulder Top | Bizaare 
Jeans/Leggings | Runway
  Accessories | Blogger's United 

You can visit Blo BlowDry Bar on the New Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall near the Ice Skating Rink. For sure you'll also get wowed by how they can transform your hair into a great work of art! :)

You can also follow Blo at @BloAwayBride on Twitter for more information! 

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