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by - Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Losing a dog to sickness made me realize a lot of things when it comes to taking care of my dogs. Now more than ever, I'm now aware of the major health concerns that can be detrimental for our fur babies—heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, and ticks & fleas. A single bite from any of these parasites poses a potentially deadly disease for our pets. But what exactly are these pests that cause harm to our beloved dogs?

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Heartworm is a parasitic disease spread by mosquitos and transmitted when they feed off our dogs and can be debilitating and potentially fatal. Fleas are frustrating parasites that cause allergic dermatitis, not only to pets but to humans as well, and may lead to tapeworms if carried by the pest. Ticks on the other hand are quite small, you only notice them once they are swollen with blood. Though it can be carefully removed, infections may occur and can cause kidney-related problems. Gastrointestinal worms come from eggs passed in the feces of infected animals, and dogs are at high risk due to their tendency to eat soil and feces. Humans are also at risk as these parasites can also be transmitted to people with dire consequences to their health.

As dog owners, it’s best to ensure preventive measures to avoid illness rather than having it treated at the last minute. We don’t want to risk our dog’s health and cause them anxiety by being apart from us as they get wait to be cured. However, with so many options in the market, it’s quite confusing to choose which one we should give them. Apart from having the difficulty of being presented with various options, it can also be expensive to purchase medication for each health concern. Furthermore, having our dogs take different supplements for each health concern may pose a danger if an owner proceeds without the proper guidance as some ingredients may not be safe to be taken at the same time.

SIMPARICA TRIO: Doggie Defense Made Fun (and Chewable!)

Aiding with these concerns is Simparica Trio, the first monthly chewable supplement that provides complete protection for your dog with three proven ingredients designed for defense. A highly efficient medication, this yummy and chewable tablet is only needed to be taken once a month to defend your fur babies from heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, and ticks & fleas.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Simparica Trio - Dog Chewable - Vitamins - Product

Distributed by Zoetis, a global animal health company that has made it their goal to improve your dog’s quality of life, Simparica Trio is a brand that understands that canine preventative health is a must for every dog owner. This preventative supplement not only ensures that your dog is taken cared of but has taken immense steps in helping fur parents further show their love and care for their babies. This easy-to-use tablet is an FDA-approved prescription product that is deemed safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks old (weighing at least 2.8 lbs) and guarantees 100% satisfaction that will keep your worries at bay.

First Impressions

The packaging outright indicates important details—the variant (in this case it's for 20-40 kgs dogs), the number of chewable tablets inside, the weight of the vitamins, their benefits, and the product caution.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Simparica Trio - Dog Chewable - Vitamins - Product - Review
Simparica Trio for 20 - 40 kgs dogs | Packaging and Packet 

After getting a tablet of the packet, I immediately noticed the strong beefy smell of the chewable that my dog Cliff ran after me to get a taste of it. He experienced a life-threatening illness a few months back which is why I initially thought it'll be hard to give him medicine. It's not the case with Simparica Trio—I didn't even have to bribe him with anything because he was really attracted to the smell of the chewable.

My other dogs loved Simparico Trio, too. I may have just found the perfect vitamins for them to keep their health at bay! ✨

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Simparica Trio - Dog Chewable - Vitamins - Product - First Impressions
You can tell my dog Cliff is really attracted to the smell of the vitamins
Being a dog owner is not something to be taken lightly. However, it is life-changing and an incredibly rewarding experience... as long as you’re ready for the responsibility it comes with.

Giving your dogs lots of love, companionship, regular exercise, and a healthy diet are parts of an owner’s responsibility. Add in regular check-ins at the vet and routine medical care, and you’re sure to have a fulfilling and happy life with your fur buddies.

Visit your veterinarian and ask for guidance on the proper use of Simparica Trio as you continue your dog’s journey to a healthier, happier life.

Simparica Trio comes in the following variants: 2.5 to 5 kg dogs, 5 to 10 kg dogs, 10 to 20 kg dogs, and 20 to 40 kg dogs, as prescribed by veterinarians. Visit, follow @zoetispetcareph on Instagram, and get to know more about the brand and Zoetis Philippines on their official website

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