Colgate’s #SmileStrong Campaign Calls for Optimists to Take Action

by - Thursday, November 05, 2020

Colgate aims to reinstate the optimistic spirit behind Filipino smiles with their #SmileStrong Campaign.

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Colgate's #SmileStrong Campaign
I know you'll agree when I say that it's hard to find a silver lining during these unconventional times. That smiling and staying positive given our current situation can be tagged as "The Filipino Resilience," which, to some, can be seen as a glorified coping mechanism, seemingly resigned to just powering through adversities with a mindset to live just to survive each day. 

With Colgate's #SmileStrong campaign, the brand is showcasing the Filipinos' optimistic spirit in a different light, galvanizing them into progressive action. Enter Optimism in Action where people can make an effort to enact positive change, tackling challenges and issues head-on with a strong smile, fully believing in the bright future they aim to create.

Colgate's latest campaign highlights and celebrates the remarkable efforts and achievements of such people while encouraging the optimist in everyone to take action with a bright smile and win the hearts of others in the process.

Muses of Positive Change

#SmileStrong spotlights three exceptional individuals whose Optimism in Action sparked positive change among their respective communities and social spheres. Arizza Nocum, Candy Pangilinan, and Brina Maxino share the same bright smile, born out of their own individual hardships and the strength they mustered to achieve what convention told them they couldn’t.

Arizza Nocum, Champion for Peace

As a child of Christian and Muslim parents, Arizza Nocum learned to live with her inherent duality early on, and came to respect her clashing traditions and shared values in equal measure. However, Arizza learned while living and studying in Manila that with her heritage, prejudice was a constant reality she had to live with.

Colgate - Smile Strong Campaign - Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer  - Arizza Nocum
Arizza Nocum
She created the KRIS Libraries, various educational centers mostly in the Zamboanga area, that serve as safe spaces for both Christian and Muslim children, whose shared education also helps forge bonds regardless of their religion or culture.

Together with Colgate, Arizza and KRIS will launch Smilespace - the first-ever online Youth Summit for Peace on November 21, 2020. Smilespace will be a platform for thought leaders like Arizza to share and discuss topics in line with advocacies like KRIS, and ultimately inspire a cross-cultural collaboration towards peace initiatives.

Brina Maxino, Special Olympics Global Ambassador

Throughout her life, numerous people have dismissed Brina Maxino’s capability to learn and keep up with kids her age – all because she has Down Syndrome. Thanks to the encouragement and support of her parents, however, Brina managed to attend regular schools from pre-school to high school, waving off the special curriculum offered by specialized schools. 

Colgate - Smile Strong Campaign - Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer  - Brina Maxino
Brina Maxino
Brina is now 24 and a consummate achiever, working as an educator and reaping awards and accolades for her academic excellence (among others). She is an Associate Pre-school Teacher at PEAN Integrated School of Paranaque – the same school that welcomed her as their first student with special needs.

For Colgate’s #SmileStrong campaign, Brina will be gracing a number of online speaking events to share her journey as well as encourage others to step up to the plate and give their best swing at life.

Candy Pangilinan, Special Needs Advocate

Years passed after realizing the sacrifices of a mother who's taking care of her child with ADHD, Candy Pangilinan credits her 16 years old son, Quentin, as the catalyst for discovering the strength she never thought she ever had. She admits that helping his son learn and develop social skills was a grueling exercise, but through the experience, she found herself a better mother and a better person at every turn.

Colgate - Smile Strong Campaign - Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer  - Candy Pangilinan
Candy Pangilinan
She published the book “Mommy Dear: Our Special Love” in 2017, which chronicles her journey in raising Quentin and as a response to people who can relate to her experience.

Special Smiles, a live and intimate event set for early 2021 will feature Candy as Colgate’s #SmileStrong muse to host a discussion on raising children with special needs. The event targets to extend the reach of Candy’s message of strength and optimism, particularly for parents coming to terms with such unique responsibilities.

Colgate champions these three muses who smile through uphill battles, who challenge the status quo with a positive outlook, and shape the future with their confidence. Join Colgate in realizing our inner optimist’s potential for constructive change, so we can all #SmileStrong and share in the joy of those victories, big or small! 😊

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