I Took a Sanity Break (Kit) + Giveaway

by - Sunday, October 18, 2020

I've always had a rosy disposition in life but these overwhelming times unearthed a different side of me – overwhelmed, scared, and deprived. I reckon the idea of not being able to wander like how I used to do it the past few years was a huge blow to my sanity. I lived off of exploring as a way to take a breather, but 2020 changed that. To combat my negative emotions, I challenged myself to shake things up and try an activity to help me cope - enter Imahenasyon Manila's Sanity Break Kit.

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Because I'm guilty of not setting a clear line between work and rest, I committed one Sunday afternoon to a painting activity. I'm no painter but I thought the Sanity Break Kit will help me go outside the box and see creativity in a different light.

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Quote says, "Rest is true when both your mind and body are at peace. One way to achieve this is through painting. Let yourself break from the chaos of the world and let this be a peaceful moment for you."


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Inside are the following items – one 6in x 6in canvas, pointed and flat paint brushes, mini easel, six colors of acrylic paint, an instruction card, and a surprise gift from them. (I got additional stickers!) I'm a sucker for kraft boxes which is why I know for sure that Sanity Break Kit's box will be reused during the holiday season. 😍


I chose the Beach Vibe design for two reasons – because I miss the beach and it's the easiest design among the four designs currently available on Imahenasyon Manila's website. With the help of the instruction card, a user will need to color each section of the canvas according to the numbers labeled on the canvas and the acrylic paint.

Jhean, the founder of Imahenasyon Manila, told me that it's best to apply two layers of paint on the canvas to make the pigment more vivid. She's right, I was able to fine-tune the details of the painting while making it more vibrant at the same time.

Because I still have too much paint left after the activity, I gave them to my sister who paints better than I do. lol 💖


Doing the Sanity Break Kit helped me destress and set the tone of the rest of my weekend. It reminded me of the idea that there's more to quarantine-ing than working my butt off forty hours a week. I'm so happy with it that I made it one of my staple work desk accents. 

One thing I'll suggest when painting your own Sanity Break Kit is to put masking tapes at the edge of the canvas before painting to avoid the acrylic paint from bleeding.

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Want your own Sanity Break Kit, too? Imahenasyon Manila and I are giving one kit on my Instagram account this Wednesday for FREE! Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @imahenasyonmanila and @thelifestylewanderer! 😍

If you can't wait to snatch yours, add to cart the design that you like through their order form here

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