Last Chance: PayMaya 12.12 Deals at Zalora, Lazada, etc.

by - Friday, December 13, 2019

I made it a habit to shop for Christmas gifts as early as September. However, it wasn't the case this year because I had to finish my work deliverables before the year closes. The 11.11 and 12.12 online deals are literally a lifesaver! Not only do I get bang-for-the-buck deals, but I can also score them even if I'm stuck in traffic or just in the comforts of my home. 💖

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You know what else I'm thankful for this Christmas season? PayMaya's awesome deals this 12.12! Here's a quick rundown of all the things you can take advantage when you go cashless this season:

  • Get up to 100% cashback when you spend at least P500 online and in-store using your PayMaya virtual or physical card 
  • Enjoy an additional P150 cashback* when you accumulate a P5,000 spend with your PayMaya virtual or physical card 
  • Get up to 100% cashback when you #ScanToPay at least P100 via PayMaya QR at your favorite establishments 
  • Rack up to P5,000 worth of accumulated purchase via PayMaya QR to get an additional P150 cashback** 
  • Get two chances of earning up to 100% cashback when you spend at least P100 via PayMaya QR this weekend 
  • Redeem your PayMaya voucher at the Lazada app to enjoy a 30% discount (up to P150), when you spend a minimum of P500 
  • Spend a minimum of P1,500 and get a 25% discount (up to P2,000) on your Zalora purchase when you use the code PYMYONLINEFEVER

*For upgraded accounts only. Minimum spend of P500. 
**For upgraded accounts only. Minimum spend of P100.

There are so many sweet deals to help you make the most of your Christmas shopping. To start off, you can enjoy a 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback when you spend at least P500 online or in stores using your PayMaya physical or virtual card. On top of that, you can also get an additional P150 cashback* when you rack up an accumulated spend of P5,000.

In my case, I went to Beabi and scored some travel essentials for my family and friends. I used my PayMaya physical card to pay and instantly got a P12.85 cashback after. Sweet! 😍

Also, my mom told me that she wanted a pair of earrings this Christmas. Being the good daughter that I am (or not haha), I wanted to get her a nice one without actually breaking the bank. I tried checking Zalora and found this gem from Swarovski.

Let's emphasize the fact that with PayMaya's PYMYONLINEFEVER promo code, I got P799.75 off the bat on this Swarovski Stud Pierced Earrings. Add to that the instant cashback I can get after using my PayMaya card after purchasing this. If this is not a good deal, I don't know what is! 💕

With PayMaya, there are so many ways you can receive more perks and rewards, by simply giving more to your loved ones – proving that the holidays is the best season to give to your friends and family. 

If you don’t have your own PayMaya account yet, you still have time to sign up and make the most out of all the sweet deals post 12.12 — just download the PayMaya app for Android or iOS, register for an account, and find out what it’s like to shop with the fastest, safest, and most rewarding to pay for anything online and in-stores. 

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