4 Reasons Why You Should Consider PayMaya + Invite Code

by - Saturday, October 05, 2019

I always think about the possibilities of using my debit card and still get the rebate and points after every purchase. Sadly, my current debit cards don't offer this kind of benefit.  When I heard that PayMaya offers cashback, discounts, and promos on online and offline purchases, I didn't blink an eye and did my research.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - PayMaya Invite code - 8nskdo - Cashless-2.5
PayMaya Visa Card's card number and other sensitive information are displayed at the back.


Here's how you can pay using PayMaya: QR scan, virtual card, or PayMaya Visa Contactless Card. Check out my experience in going cashless with PayMaya:

instantly became a PayMaya convert after a day of being cashless with them. I'm not exaggerating when I say that each transaction was quick and hassle-free. It's also nice not needing to search for my wallet or wait for any change anymore because I only needed to scan the merchant's QR code when paying.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - PayMaya Invite code - 8nskdo - Cashless-3
I instantly got notified via the app about my successful transaction and my updated balance.
Reloading is also a breeze because my payroll debit account is linked to my PayMaya account. Pro-tip: If you hate connecting bank accounts to online platforms, you can easily add money at 7-Eleven, Palawan Pawnshop, Smart Padala Centers, SM Stores Business Services and Robinsons Department Store Business Centers.


Let's talk about rewards! PayMaya is taking the lead in unlocking the multiple rewards and benefits of going cashless.

Bought this Gyro Salad and Silvanas at Eattogether Food Hall using PayMaya's QR scan feature.
Here are a few PayMaya deals that caught my attention:

  • Get up to P300 when you pay three bills this October
  • Get 6% cashback on hotel accommodations at booking.com
  • Get 2x the chance of up to 100% cashback when you pay via QR scan on weekends
  • Earn up to 100% cashback every time you buy prepaid load
  • Earn P500 cashback when you shop online or in stores
  • Get P10 when you send money

The app also offers services such as sending money, buying load, or sharing treats with just one tap at the home screen. The PayMaya Shop is also worth checking because one can find more variants for digital goods such as telco load, gaming PINs, and treats vouchers - with the best discounts through promos.


I highly appreciate how PayMaya places high importance on security. They introduced a simpler and faster upgrade process featuring selfie and AI technology. At first, I find the extra step towards upgrading annoying, but they explained that this is important to be able to establish safer transactions for everyone.

PayMaya also recently unveiled a sexier and safer black card design with the card number and other sensitive information at the back, instead of being displayed at the front.


PayMaya also encourages its customers to refer friends just like any other online payment system. Both referral and referrer gets P100 credit (good as cash!) for every user that signs up using a unique invite code. Thinking of signing up at PayMaya, feel free to use my invite code: 8nskdo.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - PayMaya Invite code - 8nskdo - Cashless-5

Thinking about making the switch to cashless payments? You can count on PayMaya. 😉

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