The Best Beauty Facial Soap Brand I've Used So Far

by - Monday, August 29, 2016

It's safe to say that it's hard to find the right facial soap for oneself, right? Because I am a facial foam kind of girl, I often neglect all the beauty soaps I see in bazaars. Neither do I trust any facial soaps and opt for the easier way to clean my face, which is through facial foams. In my eyes, all beauty facial soaps all look the same to me, but I ain't right.

This year, one of my main discoveries in the beauty world is the magic of facial soaps. I'm happy because a friend (aka the owner) of The Beauty Bask was enthusiastic in informing me how beneficial beauty facial soaps are in the skin especially if you find the perfect one for you.

Quick background of The Beauty Bask Urban Organics Co.: It has a multi-benefit skincare line made with ECOCERT certified organic and natural clinically proven actives. Proprietary formulations are curated to reboot your skin from past chemically laden products and provide protection plus rejuvenation from city pollution, sun and stress of the urban go-getter lifestyle.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Beauty Bask - Paradiso -2

Here's my The Beauty Bask pick: Paradiso. From their instagram account, this soap is also coined as an Anti-elements Beauty Soap Block.

Main ingredients: Birds of Paradise Flowers, Grapefruit, Tomato Seeds, Cranberry and Licorice Roots

To give you a snippet of what this soap is for, it is a potent brightening and PH balancing beauty block in a sunset tinge beautifully blended with some exotic flower and crushed seeds. It also has clinically proven actives that target pigmentations and help clear the skin by reducing scarring.

My Thoughts on the Product

Upon using this product on my first week, there are THREE things that I already loved about this product: rich lather, instant effect and scent.

(Note: Advance apologies for the lack of photos, guys. Used it too often that I forgot I haven't taken the million dollar shots yet. 😅)

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Beauty Bask - Paradiso -1
The Beauty Bask soap comes with an eco-pouch upon purchase
Rich Lathering. You know how like the standard kojic soaps take time in your hands before you reach your desired lather? This is a counterpart of that. Whenever I either use my hand or bath puff, the Paradiso produces the perfect lather in just a few seconds. Plus, this soap doesn't melt easily whenever it gets wet.

Instant Effect. After wash, I can immediately see how brighter and radiant my skin have become. I usually sleep late at night that's why I needed extra help on the skin the morning after. The Paradiso does it work perfectly in that sense. Apart from that, my skin had tightened after wash even if I rinsed the product after it stayed in my skin for a minute or less.

Bonus: Since the Paradiso has prominent tomato seeds beaded on the block, I part the block and use the portion of it to exfoliate the sides of my nose. Instant blackhead remover, everyone! <3

Scent. The scent of the Paradiso soap reminds me of the tropics. It's crisp fruity scent is a great fragrance to cap off a long day out in the city. It's so relaxing that's why I never miss my night skin care routine with this soap.


After a week of using it, I noticed that a part of my face have patched and became dry. Well, my current moisturizer (Tony Moly Goat Milk Essence) came in help to give remedy on my drying skin. This happened one time and after regular moisturizing, my face is 100% back to normal.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Beauty Bask
Month-time result using Paradiso Soap
For its Php 208 price / 100 grams, it can be quite pricey for a block of soap. But believe it or not, this product lasted me for 3 months with regular use! It's a great investment when you feel like maintaining your skin from the harsh elements out there.

Will I repurchase? Yes! But since my face is recently getting blemishes from my acne during "those days", I'm eyeing the Himalayan Renegade as my next beauty soap from the beauty bask. Come to think of it, this is still cheaper than a middle level facial foam in stores yet it produces similar results. :)

You can check the whole multi-benefit skin care line of The Beauty Bask at

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