GlutaMAX Batman V Superman Block Screening

by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

PS. No spoilers ahead.

I've been drooling to watch movies these past few weeks because I've been preoccupied with backlogs lately. (First quarter has been really a challenge so far. Whew!) So when I received a GlutaMAX invitation to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at Uptown Mall Cinema in Fort, I said yes stat! 

To be honest, I am not too familiar with how DC Comic characters are related to each other. I only know a few like Teen Titans since I'm an avid fan back when I was a kid. Also, who doesn't know Superman and Batman anyway? 

Before the show started, there was also a raffle giveaway for lucky movie goers. Imagine watching a movie and scoring a Php 16,000 worth of Meister watch at the same time? Insane! Other prizes include GlutaMAX gift packs, LED TV and gift certificates from YSA Skin Care Clinics.

Wish I took a photo of how the cinema looks like inside because it really sets apart from the regular movie theaters out there. Upon seating, we were treated with Uptown Cinema's in-house popcorn (which I really love!) and some soda on the side. Also, I love the digital surround sound during the movie because the sound felt so real!

Patty Villegas - Glutamax - Batman VS Superman - Uptown Mall Cinema - Block Screening -2

It was awesome moment sharing the seat with Michael Macalos and Sef Tiburcio. 

Fun fact: I remember back in the day when I attended the first blogging talk I've ever had in school and they were the speakers on that specific talk. I was a budding lifestyle blogger back then (and still improving up to date). Now, it feels so surreal chatting and laughing with them all throughout the event. Love these guys forever! <3 #oneforthebooks

I've said on my last Instagram post that I've kept an empty glass before watching the movie since there are lots of negative reviews rotating in the internet. Actually, I wasn't able to see the trailer before seeing the movie so as to not set any expectation. There might be some plot holes in the movie but I'm still glad that they differed from how Marvel does their films. I'm now anticipating Wonder Woman this 2017!!

Patty Villegas - Glutamax - Batman VS Superman - Uptown Mall Cinema - Block Screening -3

Thank you GlutaMAX for the invitation! I absolutely had a great time during the 2 1/2 hours screening time of Batman VS Superman. :)

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