10 Things to Know When Dealing With Lady Tauruses

by - Monday, November 09, 2015

Are you fond of learning someone’s zodiac sign to know what’s their personality like? I wasn't a fan of linking a person's characteristics to her / his zodiac sign until I got influenced by some of my friends.

Since my birthday falls on May 11 year you-don't-need-to-know, I fall under the Taurus sign. Later on, I see myself doing the nod of approval when reading, everything about a Taurus reflected who I am now.

Just to give you hints on how to deal with Tauruses, below are some of the must-remember things to befriend us!

1. We're normally placid, but also stubborn 

Don't we just hate it when we are asked to do a certain thing in a bossy way? I always believe people can ask a favor without sounding too upfront. Ask nicely, and it can be done by a Taurus way beyond what you expect.

We tend to get stubborn if you don't make us realize the reason behind what you're asking for. If you feel like you're a boss and still wants to settle with reprimanding tasks in your own way, see number two.

2. We become someone you don't know when you stress us out! 

Here's the rule of thumb: Even a nudge can make a Taurus explode when we’re stressed. Stating from my own experience, give me all the stuff that I have to do and I'll deliver it to you on my deadline. Just don't give me things to do the last minute just because you forgot to ask me earlier. 

3. We grant loyalty to few people only

Loyalty is big deal for female Tauruses. If we entrust you with all our might, we really mean it and hope that you won't break our promises. With just one mistake, it will make us never forget what you did to us throughout our lifetime. And don't expect us to talk to you again. Ever.

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4. Taurus women want alone time, too!

A Taurus woman is trained to be dependent and knows how to get things done by her own means. When she commits, she delivers. It is in our nature to divide tasks and doing our assigned work alone to produce better results. Don't get me wrong. We want to do things with initiative but we don't mind being led by someone. As long as he / she is of the same wavelength.

5. We're in our Happiest in Artistic Spaces

We Taurus Women doesn't want be stuck in a routinary work all the time. We always perceive to learn something new while feeding our hungry artistic souls, too. We love being outside and see beautiful views, particularly instagram-worthy ones.

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6. Likes to participate in activities that are mostly male-dominant

The challenge for female Tauruses to do something that's out of our norm is something that we're ecstatic to try out! The joy is different when we conquer activities that men have done, too. I remembered joining a band back when I was in high school were all of my band mates are guys. It was a pretty cool experience given that I learned new stuff coming from a guy's perspective.

7. We are genuine and tend to seek out the same quality in others
We look forward for a give and take relationship. If you make us feel that you can't give us back what we've invested on you, it's the end of relationship for us, stat. You know why…

8. We demand security with our feelings

In all things, we want to make sure that we got something out of what we do. That's why it's stated on number one that we want to know why are we doing something. Inform us. And if it's interesting enough, it might just add inspiration for us to do and be better.

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9. Great ability to hang on through hard times

We are the rock to our friends who are in need. We don't forget friends even if we don't talk to them on a normal basis. If you want to talk to someone, we are the best person to talk to for advices. (Naks!)

10. We are practical with our knowledge

With our gift of intelligence, we want to be assured of where it is being put. In short, intelligence is something that we don't want to waste. We want to see our ideas blossom simply because, self-fulfillment.

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