Spend Summer at Banana Peel Summer in the City Event

by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hi wanderers! How's your summer going so far? 

Well for me so far, I'm still waiting for my last hooray this summer with my beach trip next week. But it's been weeks that I've been stucked at home. I sorta feel jelly for the people at Baguio now, to be honest. But! Good vibes got me when Banana Peel invited me to spend my summer in the city with different fun filled activities yesterday at UP Town Center. 

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From May 16 to May 17, everyone can purchase at Banana Peel's pop up shop just outside the amphitheatre to get a pass to enjoy freebies and exciting activities inside the venue.

Before anything else, you can stay connected at the free wifi from Sun Cellular to keep you updated while having fun with all the things going on inside the event.

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At the Adventure Central, everyone in the family can play with all the oversized Snakes & Ladders, Tic Tac Toe, and Jenga. If it only wasn't that hot by the time I got to the event, I would've definitely invited my blogger friends to play Jenga with me.  

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From games like ring toss, table drop, yard pong, and duck hunt, you can check out the games brought by the brand partners at the Carnival Block.

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Everyone can also enjoy the free hand painting and braids done by the team from Braids and Shades. I didn't pass the chance to complete my summer look by having my braids done by them. And yes, I love how it looked like after!

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Beauty and Butter offers free manicure and pedicure on their booth. Almost every mommy inside the venue made it a point to have their nails done by the beauty buttercups.

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After all the activities, everyone can enjoy the snacks and refreshments at the Bite Yard.
Pan De Manila offers free tasting of their renowned breads. I really recommend you to try the Cinnamon Pandesal!

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The international brand Owl offers free tasting of their famous Thai Iced Tea and coffees. After trying them all, I'm gonna really hunt them down on the grocery store because they were just all too good! Especially the Iced Tea. It tastes similar to Nai Cha.

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What is summer without ice creams? For dessert, everyone gets to taste Melona Korean ice cream. My classmates in college were the ones fond of buying this one (and sadly, I didn't get to try it with them). But, upon having my first bite, boy they were right about how milky it is. I hope somebody sells this ice cream near my place.

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Don't fret if you think that it's gonna be hot all day. At the Chill Square, you can also enjoy your food while watching acoustic performances at the stage all brought to us by Banana Peel.

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After going around, trying out all the games, getting pampered and pigging out on the different booths, Banana Peel and Skull and Bones treated all the bloggers for lunch.

I wish I get to visit Skull and Bones before I graduated. The university concept of the store really reminds me of college and how my friends and I hang out. They also accept groups who like to play beer pong and beer bong inside their place. So cool, right?

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It was a great time going around with these two! I'm greatful that the three of us are all summer ready that's why we all really enjoyed the activities under the sun.

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If you are not doing anything this afternoon, drop by Banana Peel's Summer in the City event at UP Town Center. You can enjoy the activities, treats and freebies until 9 pm today!

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To know more, you can check updates from Banana Peel here.

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