Sunsilk Selfie Moment at Red Box

by - Monday, May 18, 2015

Every girl nowadays undeniably takes a selfie. (I'm guilty myself!) I guess one of the reasons why is that we feel beautiful and carefree.

Usually, I take selfies when I feel fresh or I just had my makeup done. But after along day, hell I wouldn't take any photo because I already feel hulas. 

Sunsilk proves selfie is better when done with confidence and with your friends around. With Sarah Geronimo, they encourage girls to take selfies to capture the fun in every moment and leave all hair worries behind.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-10

Sunsilk and Red Box partnered together to give the girls their #SunsilkSelfieMoment. I'm glad that I get to spend the night with my blogkada.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-9

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-8

Apart from the dinner, we were also welcomed with a sparkling champagne to enjoy the night. It was really nice singing our hearts out and sharing stories to each other. It was the first time that I met some bloggers in the group that's why I get to know them more over a glass of champagne.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-1

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-3

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-7

Later on, Laureen Uy came to visit our room to share some good news.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-2

That night, we were asked to upload a video of us singing to the official soundtrack of Sarah Geronimo's #SunsilkSelfieMoment. The group who will win will get a 5000php Gift Certificate from Red Box and another bottle of champagne. Check out one of our entries below!

You too can also win gift certificates from Red Box and Selfie Kits from Sunsilk! Check out the instructions below!
Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-6

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-5

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