Felt like Anastasia Steele at Nailfinity's Trendy Nail Salon and Spa

by - Thursday, October 30, 2014

I know what you're thinking when you first saw my title. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

Oh yes, I'm a huge fan of Fifty Shades. I actually get to read the 3 books in weeks time. I fell in love with how love in their situation worked out. But, i'm not giving you a book report on this post. I just wanna use the feeling of how Christian Grey wanted to make Ana Steele be the flawless girl that she can be to describe my latest nail and waxing salon discovery!

As we all know, Christian wanted Ana to be hairless and pampered. Since the guy's filthy rich, he had Ana visit a certain nail and waxing salon. Upon my visit at Nailfinity Nail and Waxing Salon at Taft Avenue (infront of De La Salle University-Manila), I was reminded of this part and this place became my total pampering haven.

Actually, I've been visiting this salon for quite some months already. But I guess, this is the perfect time to blog about this wonderful place since I'm here with fellow bloggers to unveil what's in store for us. :)

First Visit

Second Visit

From the list of services below, we were asked to make our own Bucket List.

I named my bucket list, "The Wanderer's Pick".

Aside from the fact that I am the lifestyle wanderer, I actually offer this bucket list to all the people who wanders around the city. Just exactly what I need from a hectic sembreak.

Toes and Nail Treats: Manicure (with Nail Extension) and Pedicure + Hand and Foot Paraffin
Adieu Hair: Eyebrow Threading
Rilassante Massage: Whole Body Massage

After I got my regular mani-pedi (which is quite relaxing already to see your nails oh-so-clean), Ate Precious did the hand and foot paraffin. This is good to people who overuse their hands and feet in working daily. At first, I am not used to how hot the wax is. But since Ate Precious is trying her best to manage the temperature, the pain got tolerable for the hand and the foot. 

After she put wax all over my hands and feet, she wrapped it with a plastic for 20 minutes.The waiting time is kinda killing me because I am tempted to check out the messages on my phone. But yeah, I'm on a pampering session. That's why I gotta wait for twenty minutes.

Soon that the plastic and wax has been removed, my hand still was a little bit moist. But what made me believe that paraffin works, after the wax has been removed, I loved the sensation of the air breezing through my just-freed-from-wax hands and feet.

Now, it's time for the Nail  Extension!

Even though I know long nails can give an added plus to being girly, I never, ever wanted my nails to get long. That's mainly because of hygienic reasons.

But, when Ate Precious told me to try it, the adventurer in me is very eager to try it. That's why I said yes. I felt excited and worried at the same time because I can't take care of stuff like this for a long time. I'm a busy person who have to work everyday.

After Ate glued the faux plastic nails on my hand. She cut it to my desired nail length. 
After that, she started painting it with the colors I chose prior to the mani-pedi session.

Here's the finished product! Don't you like it? :)

I wasn't able to take a picture of me having my eyebrow threading done. And hell yeah, it's my first time. I'm not that nervous because I used to have underarm threading done monthly. 

Well, the usual sting was there every time the hair is plucked using the thread. At first, the pain was too harsh, but in the end, I get to manage it. I love the results actually. Ate did justice to my eyebrow reborn. :)  

Lastly, I'm up for the whole body massage. The sheer behind the sheets makes the bed look more dramatic. Love it! 

I forgot to ask the name of the person who did my whole body massage. I would just like to say that she's so good that she left me sleeping in the bed. I'm not sure how long, but I just woke up and realized that she's not in the room anymore. :)

It's a great pampering weekend session with Christine and the Madhouse Team. I know I'll come back for sure to try all the palettes that they have. 

Nailfinity also offers Spa at your Home if ever you don't wanna risk the traffic in Taft!
Reasonable price for a good quality relaxation at the corners of your home. :)

To know more, you can check out their social media accounts @nailfinityph.
Nailfinity Nail and Waxing Salon is located at 2510 EA Fernandez Bldg., Taft Avenue, Manila.

See you there, Wanderers! :)

Other photos by Nikko Panti

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