Cagayan Valley Escapade Day 1

by - Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nothing beats a getaway after series of school works and defenses, right? I'm so giddy because I am chosen as one of the blogger/photographers who will see the beauty of "The Paradise of the Northeast". Know where that is? It's at Cagayan Valley!

This is my late granny's hometown that is why I am quite familiar with the place already. I've been here twice or thrice before. But every time I come here, I know that there is  still something new to look forward to.

But before I go deep on our first day at Cagayan Valley, let me tell you something about my outfit first! :)

I opt to go for something comfortable during the trip. Since it is a 10 hour bus trip from Cubao to Tuguegarao, Cagayan, I don't wanna end up feeling sick because of my outfit for the whole trip. 

Loose shirt and Jeggings make a perfect combination of a fashionista traveler. I felt so comfy all day with my choice of outfit! :) 

Sunnies also is very important to protect our lovely eyes from the harmful sun. Since Cagayan has an extreme weather conditions, my sunnies were definitely my perfect companion for this trip. 

Like what I said a while ago, it's my late granny's hometown that's why I paid a visit to her and to my uncle as well. Their house is located at Solana, Cagayan Valley. 

Here is the team that i'll be working with for this project-Team A.

Anyway, back to my itinerary! First stop, Buntun Bridge!

Just a little information for y'all, Buntun Bridge is the second largest bridge in the country with a beautiful overview of the Cagayan River. 

Happiness is all over us when we were like running in the middle of the road whenever there are no cars just to take a shot with this historical bridge! :))

Escapade wouldn't be complete with funny and awesome pals!

For the next stop, Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZF) . Our gateway to Sta. Ana, Cagayan! :)

Inside CSEZF, Port Irene can be found. 

Trivia: This is the place where high-end cars are imported and sold for lesser value. I saw different car brands like Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Mini Cooper. So cool! #CarGeek

I super love the breeze of the Pacific Ocean in the place. 

This machine at my back is used to filter black sand for making metal bars. 

Fine Black Sand
So amazeballs with this spectacular view! I'm not that fond with Salt water but this view made my point of view turn 180 degrees. :)

Since we visited different sites shortly after we reached Tuguegarao City, our tummy's began to churn. ._.

Happy that within our first day at Tuguegarao City in Cagayan, we get to taste the sumptuous dish of Pancit Cabagan. Not a fan of Pancit. But yeah, this made me like and love Pancit. Funny thing because a single dish is worth P 50php only and you know what, it is more fullfilling than a regular Mcdo Value Meal. :p #LocalFoodsAtItsFinest

This day has to end as well. Please stay tuned for the next days of this exciting adventure.

My Obligatory sunset shot over at the LGU Beach! :)

PS. This trip is made possible by a very special project called One Cagayan Valley. I'd like to share more details about this project soon, so stay updated! 

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