Not just a fad: Salmon HQ's Salmon Cake is a must-try!

by - Thursday, July 29, 2021

Picture this: The lockdown was just announced and a few months after you got a sudden food craving. This was me last year when I wanted a Salmon Sashimi for my birthday after working from home for three months straight. Almost all restaurants in food delivery apps are closed until further notice that I had to order my seafood fix all the way from Cubao even if I live in Cavite. (The things I do for food lol) After trying Salmon HQ's Premium Salmon Cake, I would've gotten that instead for my simple birthday celebration with my family at home.

My Salmon HQ order: Premium Salmon Cake and Sushi Bakes

All about Salmon Cake

Try to forget your definition of a typical sweet cake for a second. While a Salmon Cake looks comes in a shape of a two-layered cake, Salmon HQ's Salmon Cake consists of two savory layers: thick, long slices of fresh salmon on top and delectable layers of salmon, Kani salad, rice, cucumbers, and rice at the bottom.

The Premium Salmon Cake in its packaging

While the idea of salmon already gets me salivating, my comfort food in a cake didn't sit well at me first. I even mistook the cake as pure salmon until my friend sliced the bottom layer containing the surprising "sushi" layer. One bite of this layer was all it took for me to become an instant Salmon Cake convert!

Presentation-wise, the cake came in a gold see-through box with a red ribbon tied to it to complete the look. Even the cake board is in gold which makes it look premium. It can pass as a gift box if you wish to give this cake to a friend.

The top layer of the Premium Salmon Cake

On to the top layer. The slices of salmon are shaped like a rose to cover the middle part of the second layer. My knee-jerk reaction was to store this layer in Tupperware for future consumption knowing that it's fresh plus the other layer is also covered with this seafood goodness.

I initially thought that the second layer is also pure salmon that I wasn't able to take a photo of the sliced sushi cake lol 

As for the bottom layer, each bite is a taste of heaven because of how each ingredient complimented each other with the taste of the fatty salmon still reigning in each bite. Maybe it's a Pinoy thing but I preferred adding the soy sauce and wasabi in my cake slice for a spike of heat and saltiness. Each order came with generous servings of wasabi and soy sauce in a sealed container to avoid spillage. 

Each cake hits two birds with one stone—Sushi and sashimi fix combined into one product. For the price of P1,200, this makes a healthier cake alternative versus the sweet ones we're accustomed to. It is best recommended to consume everything in one sitting for the best salmon experience. 

More Seafood Options

Because Salmon HQ is a product of the pandemic, they cannot not offer Sushi Bake. Another crowd-favorite in their menu is the half and half Sushi Bake. I was able to try the Scallop Salmon Ebi/Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake and the Unagi/Crunchy California Sushi Bake.

[L-R]  Unagi/Crunchy California Sushi Bake & Scallop Salmon Ebi/Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake

I've tried other Sushi Bakes in the past and one of the things that I didn't like about them is the toppings to rice ratio. Most of the time it's more rice than the toppings which is why the experience left me full but not-so-satisfied.

Salmon HQ's half and half Sushi Bakes not only allows you to try two different flavors in one sitting, but they also come with a generous serving of seafood (case in point: scallop and unagi) mixed with other flavorful ingredients.

Scallop Salmon Ebi/Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake

The products came in a brown box with reheating instructions outside it that I appreciate. While I did not get the chance to reheat it (because we finished a pack in one sitting), it can be useful information to keep in handy.

Unagi/Crunchy California Sushi Bake

The package came with three packs of Nori (seaweeds) which is not much if you're eating with a small group. I suggest you order extra packs if you're with a small group. Given that I live in Quezon City, the Sushi Bakes arrived still hot. Make sure to time your delivery or pick up so that you get to eat it at its best state.


My family, friends, and I had a great time munching on Salmon HQ's products, particularly the Premium Salmon Cake! This cake is now on my must-buy for special occasions celebrated at home given that dining in is not an option given the uncertain situation brought by the pandemic. The price maybe a little bit on the pricier side, but rest assured that you get your money's worth. They do not fall short in terms of seafood ingredients while also housing their products in presentable packaging. 

Interested to order from Salmon HQ? You can order yours via their Facebook or Instagram pages. They also have a pick-up option in their shop located at 7th St. corner Gilmore Avenue, Quezon City.

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