Learn how to invest in your passions and grow your savings in GCash 2nd Money Talks series

by - Thursday, June 24, 2021

I know you can also relate to weighing your wants versus your needs given your extra funds these days. I, for example, have been thinking of getting my own indoor cycling bike for the past few months to help me increase my fitness activities. However, solo living introduced me to new expenses, making me push back my goal to own the bike I've always wanted.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Gcash - GInvest - Kaya Mo Money Series
My experience with different cycling classes before COVID-19 made me want to own a bike

I know how hard it is to earn money which is why I've always been back-and-forth when it comes to investing my money in an institution and often proceeds with purchasing my "investments" once I've already saved enough money. Despite this, I still grab the opportunity to hear about simple investment possibilities to help me grow my savings and make my money work harder and smarter. If you're also on the same boat, I heard GCash is mounting its second webinar series Kaya Mo Money Talks on June 24 at 8pm on GCash’s Facebook page.

The webinar aims to help customers, specifically young adults, to unlock their financial goals so they can experience their passions, and teach them the ropes on how to invest and grow their money using Gcash.

It also hopes to empower Filipinos to take charge of their finances and identify their goals to achieve their dreams. The nice thing about GInvest is you can get started with as little as ₱50 buy-in for local funds and ₱1,000 for international funds. These affordable rates make GInvest by GCash the first fintech company in the Philippines to offer low investment buy-ins.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Gcash - GInvest - Kaya Mo Money Series

Hosted by Jaz Reyes, the webinar will feature financial expert Chinkee Tan who will discuss the ins and outs of investin3g, debunking investing myths, and why you should treat your savings like an investment.

He will be joined by members of the popular gaming team, Blacklist International (V33Wise), and Tiktok creator Dora Dorado who will talk about investing in their passions and growing their investments using GInvest.

GInvest by GCash is an extraordinary entryway to the wonderful world of financial freedom and lets one #UnlockYourLifeGoals at the press of a button.

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