Unilever Celebrates Positive Beauty on May 17-19 with Up to 70% Discounts Online

by - Friday, May 14, 2021

I took a step back in terms of shopping for my essentials ever since my eco-conscious awakening three years ago. My lifestyle change towards being more intentional with what I buy taught me to deep dive into the product and the company that manufactures the products before purchasing. It's refreshing to know that as I continue my pursuit towards a sustainable lifestyle, global corporations such as Unilever are starting to align with their audience by committing to bring about positive change through real actions - to do more good, not just less harm, for people and the planet.

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Read on to know more about Unilever's new thrust called Yes to Positive Beauty! 

Unilever's Four Steps to Positive Beauty

Yes to health and wellbeing

After a year that has heightened the importance of health and hygiene, Unilever commits to making hygiene more accessible and affordable for all Filipino families. Partnering with the Philippine Public Health Association, Unilever, through its trusted brands Lifebuoy and Closeup, launched the Hygiene 101 Campaign, a digital information drive equipping Filipinos with 101 hygiene practices to live by.

Yes to equal opportunities

Pushing forward the agenda on gender equity, Unilever makes a conscientious effort to provide opportunities for Filipinos across the country. Starting in 2020, Unilever partnered with Mano Amiga and Shopee to create a grant for up to 25 microentrepreneurs to start or restart their business. The grant included not just monetary funding, but also access to training programs for skills needed to sustain their enterprise, and the Shopee marketplace to give life to their business online. 

Another partnership piloted in 2020, Cream Silk has teamed up with Edukasyon.ph, the largest education technology platform in the country, to provide Filipinas with the tools they need to be ready for the next opportunity. This 2021, they launched the #ConditionedForGreater Online Academy, a series of free one-hour certificate courses aligned with skills needed to land a new job, even during a recession.

Yes to beauty inclusivity

As one of the top advertisers in the country, Unilever also recognizes how its brands can do their part in shifting beauty standards to combat discrimination and championing inclusion not just in their communications but also across all efforts. The company’s flagbearer for all kinds of beauty, Dove has continued to create safe spaces for all Filipinos to embrace their unique beauty. This year, Pond’s is shifting its products and campaigns to veer away from whitening, empowering Filipinas to love and care for their skin.


Just this April, Unilever also launched its very own online portal www.BeautyHub.ph, a content hub celebrating a progressive, inclusive and tolerant world, representing all types of shapes, sizes, orientations, ages, religions, and more. Your everyday beauty expert, www.BeautyHub.PH celebrates unique experiences through features and content that’s helpful, authentic, and positive.

Yes to sustainability

In order to reduce their environmental impact and reinforce their commitment towards more sustainable practices, Unilever has taken key steps across its personal care brands to use less or better plastic. Unilever says yes to sustainability by saying no to bubble wrap and replacing it with a sustainable eco- wrap for purchases from the E-commerce platform Shopee. The company is taking this small step as they continue working with partners to optimize their packaging and further reduce plastic use.

Inviting everyone to join them in their renewed commitment, Unilever is kicking off their Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17-19, 2021 with Shopee! Apart from saying yes to exciting deals and discounts from your favorite brands, like Dove, TRESemme, Cream Silk, Pond’s, St. Ives, Love Beauty and Planet, and more, you’ll be saying yes to sustainability, as Unilever will be rolling out its sustainable eco-wrap packaging for orders with five items and above.

You’ll also be saying yes to equal opportunities and supporting small businesses through Mano Amiga,
an organization that creates education and development initiatives to uplift communities in need. With
the proceeds from the sale, Mano Amiga will be continuing its program granting microentrepreneurs
access to the necessary funds and training courses to help them start, sustain or scale their businesses.

My top Unilever product picks!

Shoppers can also look forward to the following special deals and freebies during the three-day sale:

  • Additional 15% off when you use the code POSITIVEBEAUTY and many more vouchers throughout the weekend
  • Flash sales, with deals as low as Php 29
  • Free stickers with every purchase
  • First 500 orders with min. spend Php 1,499 get a limited edition tote bag
  • First 400 orders with min. spend Php 1,999 get a limited edition bucket hat
  • A portion of the proceeds will help support small businesses in partnership with Mano Amiga.
  • Check out the Positive Beauty Community Sale happening on May 18 featuring the small businesses we supported last year.

Join Unilever in saying Yes to Positive Beauty this May 17-19 on Shopee, and say yes to a new era of
beauty. Add to cart and check out on May 17, 12-2am.

For more information on Unilever’s Yes to Positive Beauty commitment, visit

Check out our offers at the Unilever Beauty Official Store: https://shopee.ph/unilever_personalcare and
the Positive Beauty Sale on May 17-19: https://shopee.ph/m/unilever-super-brand-day

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