The Perfect Duo for Fitness Buff Moms: Huawei Watch Fit and FreeBuds 4i Long-term Review

by - Thursday, May 27, 2021

I'm not a mom myself but I came across different inspiring women who are amazing with motherhood among their other responsibilities. Mothers the epitome of multi-tasking and they only deserve love and recognition every day. Even if their special day is already over, we can still gift them something that can help them towards their pursuit of healthier living. My recommendation–the Huawei Watch Fit and FreeBuds 4i.

I've been using the Huawei Watch Fit since late last year while I've only used the Huawei FreeBuds 4i for about a month already. Regardless of the time I spent with these devices, I was able to fully maximize their features and loving them to this date. What are these features, you ask? Make sure to read on!

Huawei Watch Fit

I was expecting a lot from the Huawei Watch Fit because it was my first ever smartwatch. While it wasn't a perfect watch for my lifestyle, it was able to nail other specifications down to a T.

Up to 10 days battery long life

The battery status can be found in the upper-right side of the home screen

I'm very particular about my devices' battery life. I hate it when they die on me all of a sudden, sometimes even coinciding with the most important day of the week! lol The Huawei Watch Fit can be fully charged in less than 2 hours with usage up to 10 days. In my case, the battery usually lasts up to a week because I often use its other features like the flashlight and timer. The box comes with a specific charging cradle which can be a disadvantage if you accidentally lose it.

12 quick workout animations

Probably one of the most unique things about this watch is its workout animations. For people who want to start a habit of working out, this feature makes it easy to start moving as it already guides the user on what to do with matching animations to demonstrate it. No need to search for random workouts on YouTube anymore!

Trying the Exercise at Work mode

You can pick the following fitness courses in the watch that lasts between 3-18 minutes.
  • reenergize
  • neck and shoulder relaxation
  • exercise at work
  • burn fat fast
  • full-body stretch
  • strengthen heart and lungs
  • advanced chest workout
  • ab toning
  • ab ripper
  • core workout
  • leg and glute toning
  • leg workout
After picking a certain fitness course, the screen will show how many types of exercises are included in the routine. Afterward, you can watch the demo before doing it yourself and wait for the watch to vibrate--which means the workout has already ended and you may proceed with the next exercise.

1.64 inch AMOLED screen

Demos can be watched with ease because of the watch's clear and vivid screen, thanks to the 280 x 456 screen resolution. Also, the 70% screen-to-body ratio also allows the user to see more details at a glance. Whether you're checking the time or doing a workout, its 1.64-inch display makes information available in an instant. The watch face may be a little thick for my liking but it sure is way lighter than the Huawei GT 2 Pro.

Huawei Watch Fit's 280 x 456 screen display

Another thing, I make sure to maximize the auto-brightness display so that I can still see the screen without tinkering with the watch whenever I'm under the sun (literally!).

96 workout modes

For people with set workouts already, the 96 workout modes come in handy to monitor one's progress. These modes cater to users who practice professional sport like swimming (yes, this watch is water-resistant), yoga, and other high-intensity training. 

My priority workout modes on the Huawei Watch Fit

During workouts, the watch keeps track of real-time heart rate, calories, and duration of the workout. If you have the Huawei Health app (available in App Gallery, App Store, and Google Play Store), your workout record will be synced there, otherwise, it will be saved in the watch only. 

In case a user forgets to start the workout mode in the watch and starts exercising right away, the Huawei Watch Fit can still detect the start of the workout and reminds the user to track it.

Built-in GPS

One of my most used workout modes is the outdoor bike mode. Being stuck at home for more than a year already, I grab the chance to borrow my sister's bike whenever there's a chance to get a quick escape at a nearby open park.

I don't use Strava to track my rides because that would require me to turn on my data during the entire trip. The Huawei Watch Fit comes with a built-in GPS to record the route of the ride and later on syncs to the Huawei Health app. The app also has a dynamic tracking feature where you can share the animated version of your entire ride together with other metrics like heart rate, duration, average speed, and calories burned. It's probably one of my favorite app features!

Oxygen Saturation Detection

Health is wealth more than ever because of our current situation and it's common knowledge that very low levels of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) are indicators of health problems. For only a few seconds, the Huawei Watch Fit can track detect SpO2 with a few clicks. This allows one to monitor their day-to-day oxygen saturation at their home's comforts. 

Huawei FreeBuds 4i

TLDR, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i has now become my constant True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds for many reasons. I've noticed myself charging it more recently because I recently noticed that I've been using it day and night. (work and downtime) 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

I don't know how I survived work-from-home sitch without the Active Noise Cancellation feature. There came a time when four other people were working at home at the same time as me, and boy I was hella distracted. This feature was so effective that there were times I missed my sibling shouting from downstairs saying that dinner is ready. lol

Huawei Freebuds 4i's ANC feature via long press

After trying ANC across different devices, I'm glad to report that you can turn this on regardless if you're connected to your computer and smartphone. (Huawei or not!) All you have to do is long press the top part of the earbuds stem to use the feature. 

10 hours of continuous playback and long battery life

I love listening to Lo-Fi music to be able to get in the zone at work or during blogging. As someone with low attention span, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i's battery life together with the active noise cancellation is my main duo towards getting things done. 

The earbuds can last up to 7.5 hours of music playback duration (with noise canceling enabled). In my case, I was able to use the FreeBuds 4i to finish a whole day worth of work with calls in between. In times when I caught the charging case dead bat just when I'm about to head out, I simply charge it for around 10-minutes and it already gives off around half-a-day worth of audio playback.

Immersive sound

With my different music moods, it's also important for me that my earbuds are capable of playing them all without audio imbalances. Huawei FreeBuds 4i's 10 mm dynamic coil driver can be thanked for  earbuds' range of balanced audio. It's crisp and clear with a punchy bass to let you have a light headbang moment to your favorite tunes. 

As for vocals during phone calls, I tried recording one of my work calls and listened to the playback. The result? My voice is clear and not muffled, plus the noisy electric fan cannot be heard in the recording. These TWS earbuds has the capacity to pick up voice more accurately on top of reducing outdoor wind noise because of its dual-mic system and beamforming technology.

Compact, comfortable to wear, and fashionable

I've experienced uncomfortable TWS earbuds in the past and all I can say is #neveragain. There were times when I had to attend workshops online and my ears were already aching in the next hour or two. It was not the case for the Huawei FreeBuds 4i because it comes with different ear tips to match the size of your ear canal. At the same time, each earbud is light allowing the user to wear it for extended hours. 

Also, who can say no to the signature white FreeBuds 4i? It's classic color is a must-have because it can easily match your other work essentials and OOTD. This is also comes in red and carbon black colorway but the ceramic white is still my go-to color!

If the Huawei Watch Fit and FreeBuds 4i are a match for your mom's current needs, make sure to check out Huawei's 'Together, For Mom' deals and promos until May 31, 2021 only. The Huawei Watch Fit will be on 15% discount (P4,249 only) and the FreeBuds 4i is available for P3,599 and comes with a thermos worth P899. 

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