Tribute to Earth Day: Have a trusty tumbler with you at all times!

by - Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Even before the pandemic, I can always be found lugging my tumbler at home or outside. The need to bring one with me heightened when the pandemic came into the picture. For this year's Earth Day, let me highlight my Klean Kanteen, aka an essential eco-friendly alternative to help you become more intentional in reusing products. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

When running errands

There were times when I had to go out for immovable appointments, such as my HPV vaccine. It's a type of vaccination that lessens the chance of acquiring cancer-causing infections and precancers. Life update: I've finished all three shots already. Woohoo! 🥳

Going back to the topic, I always make it a point to bring my handy-dandy tumbler to be on the safe side. I make it a point to avoid using restaurant glassware and buying bottled waters (because duh plastic!)

During 9-6 PM work

My tumbler is one of my work desk must-haves during our work-from-home sitch. What's good about using insulated tumblers like Klean Kanteen is that they can hold the cold temperature for an extended period of time vs. our regular glasses at home. I usually prefer room temperature water but the warm weather these days made me drink cold water instead. I also sometimes use it for my coffee in case I need to leave the house a few moments after brewing my coffee!

After cycling

I can recount when instructors in my go-to indoor cycling studio always remind all riders to bring their own tumblers. They have a water dispenser for everyone to lessen the use of plastics, which I find interesting. It made me invest in my own tumbler and developed the habit of bringing one wherever I go. 

In the meantime, I sometimes borrow my sister's bike when I want to be one with nature without leaving the neighborhood. Of course, as you expected, my Klean Kanteen is going with me in case I feel parched along the way.

These my friends are the reason why I love insulated tumblers like Klean Kanteen so much! It made me more intentional in terms of lessening my plastic waste, spending less (especially for water) outside, and caring more for our planet.

Want to get a headstart with your own sustainable journey? Shopee is celebrating Earth Day with 25% off on selected eco-friendly products like my Klean Kanteen 12oz Insulated TKWide in Deep Surf. Head here if you want the Klean Kanteen tumbler with a café cap instead! 💚

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