Luminisce Skin Innovation's PicoPlus Review

by - Sunday, February 03, 2019

One of my goals for this year is to practice self-care, the right way. I thought I was acing it by scoring myself things that sparked me joy. (Hello food trip, how are ya?) I want to have a head start this 2019 and learn more about taking care of my health, the holistic approach.

Luminisce Skin Innovations at BGC, Taguig
I’m treating my last visit to Luminisce Skin Innovations as a jumpstart to this resolution. Things started aligning after hearing their latest treatment called the PicoPlus. This is a non-invasive laser treatment that responds faster to skin pigmentation problems. This is a US FDA-approved laser that's perfect for:

· melasma
· pigmented lesions
· tattoos
· acne and acne scars
· age spots
· freckles
· uneven skin tone
· other difficult skin cases

PicoPlus works in high powered, 450-picosecond laser pulses to make the elimination faster. This produces more visible results in every treatment and allows for shorter sessions.

I got to see the before and after photos of clients who have already tried the PicoPlus. It was surprising that most of them are able to achieve the best results in as fast as 3 – 5 sessions only. Usual laser treatments take at least 5 sessions to get rid of skin pigmentation. Be mindful that this is still on a case-to-case basis.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Luminisce Skin Innovations - PicoPlus - Experience - Review - BGC - Podium - Alabang - procedure room
(L-R) One of Luminisce's procedure rooms, A PicoPlus handpiece 
The consultation happened in one of Luminisce's elegant procedure rooms. The assistants were kind to offer me any refreshments before my consultation with Dra. Kaycee Reyes started.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Luminisce Skin Innovations - PicoPlus - Experience - Review - BGC - Podium - Alabang - skin problems
My current skin troubles
I got shy at first in talking about my skin insecurities but Dra. Kaycee reassured me by listening to all my concerns and told me the cause and effects of my skin problems. The patchy area beside my nose bridge and the area between my eyebrows bothers me the most. Next in line are the dark spots on my face and the hormonal acne on my forehead. Add to that the uneven skin tone in my underarms caused by shaving cuts and scratches back in my teens.

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Luminisce Skin Innovations - PicoPlus - Experience - Review - BGC - Podium - Alabang - Dra. Kaycee Reyes
Dra. Kaycee Reyes discussing the benefits of PicoPlus
It was a surprise when she asked me about having skin asthma before because I was never diagnosed with one. This is a huge possibility because of the remnants of skin asthma she saw on my face, elbow, and underarms. I'm happy when she told me that PicoPlus is the solution for ALL these pressing skin concerns in a few sessions.

First: Skin Cleansing

I swear Luminisce gave me the most relaxing makeup removal experience ever. The staff removed my makeup little by little while massaging it at the same time. My eye makeup didn't budge during the process, hell yeah!

Second: Skin OXYglow

Next up is the Skin OXYglow treatment for my face. They have a pen-like tool that emits cold air and puts a light pressure on my face. The treatment improves blood circulation while encouraging collagen production skin deep, at the same time. All thanks to its Vitamin C and Ceramide!

Third (a): PicoPlus' Focus Dots handpiece for my face

It's now time to try the PicoPlus laser treatment! I put on the protective eyewear before the session commenced. Dra. Kaycee first used the Focus Dots handpiece for toning and skin rejuvenation. She used this handpiece both for my skin and underarms. Before she rotated the handpiece all over my skin, Dra. Kaycee first asked if I'll be able to handle the hotness of the laser. It was close to zero pain which is why we proceeded shortly. It was a light and breezy 15-minute for this laser treatment on my face and underarms. 

Third (b): PicoPlus' Focus Dots handpiece for my underarm

This is not the same case with the Gold Toning+ handpiece that came after. The zap in this handpiece, that treats post-acne redness, was more evident. The intensity level was at its lowest already yet I still had to brave every sensation.

My face may look horrifically red after the laser treatment but all the zapping pain is gone as soon as it ended. There's also no downtime after PicoPlus. Meaning I can proceed to my next appointment without wearing a mask or feeling uncomfy midway.

Fourth: Prickling

The staff offered a prickling session for my pesky acne after the laser treatment. Since I already braved the PicoPlus treatment, might as well grab the chance to try this as well, right? The staff injected steroids in each acne and pricked it right after. I'll be honest that I have to endure each prickling because it 10/10 hurt me. I was tearing up and wishing all my acne in the future would never show up during the entire time. Tiis ganda!

Fifth: Tinted sunblock application

My face was all red after the prickling session. The staff treated the red areas and applied my *favorite* Luminisce tinted sunblock after. All thanks to this, I won't get second looks from people because my face looked like a ripe tomato. 

The results in my face and underarms weren't as noticeable because it's my first time to try PicoPlus. Yet days after, I noticed how brighter and clearer my skin got. It was especially nice to wear makeup because my acne is near to vanishing. As for my underarm, looks like I'll be needing a few more sessions to even out the skin tone in the area. I'll update this blog for any progress since I'm already due for another session weeks from now. 

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Luminisce Skin Innovations - PicoPlus - Experience - Review - BGC - Podium - Alabang - with and without makeup
After PicoPlus (with and without makeup)
A PicoPlus treatment may come at a hefty price but this trusty laser treatment is a 100% great investment! This service promises high effectivity to the troubled pigmented skin compared to topical products in the market. I would definitely save up for this so I can say a permanent bye-bye to my annoying skin concerns.

Get to try the PicoPlus laser treatment only at Luminisce located in BGC, Podium and soon in Alabang! To know more about this, you can visit Luminisce's Facebook page here. 😊

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