ASUS ZenFone Live L1 Review

by - Saturday, October 27, 2018

For someone who barely goes live on social media platforms, I took the challenge of reviewing the ASUS ZenFone Live L1 to get myself out of the comfort box. After giving myself a few days to try out the features that this phone has to offer, I'm sharing with you now my thoughts on this 2017 version of the ZenFone Live smartphone unit.

The ASUS ZenFone Live L1 review


Unboxing the ASUS ZenFone Live L1
For a starter phone, the essential accessories can already be found inside the colorful ASUS ZenFone Live L1 box. From earphones, charger, to sim ejector, one can simply plug and play as soon as they get a box of the unit. To my surprise, this phone didn't come with a jelly case compared to ASUS' other phones. It would've been a good addition to the roster of phone accessories because finding a trusty case for android phones can be quite challenging. 


The ASUS ZenFone Live L1 in Midnight Black
The first thing that I noticed about this phone is its huge screen display. It boasts a 5.5-inch screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. It was kind of liberating to explore the slimmer bezel on the top and the bottom of the screen. I can already imagine how I can maximize this space in keeping updated with my social media accounts or binging on Youtube.

In terms of the smartphone feel and grip on my hand, I've easily realized how the phone can be easily identified on the low side of the spectrum because of its plastic finish. The Midnight Black color of the phone however made up for it though. It's matte, black finish tried to give off a simple yet elegant vibe to it.

The triple-slot SIM tray and the SIM ejector of the ASUS ZenFone Live L1 
The location of the function buttons of the phone remained the same. Found at the left of the phone is its triple-slot SIM tray. The phone can serve dual sim cards and also has an expandable memory of up to 2TB via microSD card. 

The volume and power controls of the phone are found on the right side. I give the ZenFone Live L1 bonus points for having the earphone jack placed on the top and left the MicroUSB and speakers alone at the bottom. Having the earphone jack placed at the bottom has been my long-time pet peeve because I tend to break the plug of my earphones just cause I usually bump into it with my fingers whenever I use my phone while listening to music at the same time.


The ASUS ZenFone Live L1 
I'd say this phone is perfect for light social media users who want to be informed through the different online channels from time to time. There were times when I felt like the phone is a little sluggish because I have three social media apps open at the same time. However, scrolling through my feed most of the time was a breeze when I closed the other apps and I can easily click photos to view it in full afterward.


The back of the ASUS ZenFone Live L1 
One won't encounter photo issues when shooting with ASUS ZenFone Live L1's 13MP PDAF back camera. I was able to produce crisp photos good enough for it to be considered in my daily social media updates. However, the lag on the front camera was prominent especially when I tried doing an Instagram Live with it. 

Speaking of my Instagram live, I reviewed the live video from last time and found that the front camera has low frames per second because of the delay in my movement. Audio, however, was okay as I was able to easily speak across on air my thoughts and get responses from it from the viewers at the same time.

Sadly, I don't have sample photos to share with you guys because all the photos I took were gone. 😫  I still got you fam because my friend Duey has sample photos of the ASUS ZenFone Live L1 at his review of the same phone found at here.


I think these are good specifications considering that the ASUS ZenFone Live L1 smartphone is below the Php 6,000 mark. It provides a basic function to those who want to one-up their content game by producing higher resolution photos and live videos. It's a good phone to experiment with different content without sacrificing one's budget.

Are you also considering of getting this smartphone for you or your budding content creator sibling? 😊

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