Precious Herbal Pillow Waist Herbal Pad Review

by - Monday, September 03, 2018

Just recently, I finally went back to boxing with Jonas after a year. I am guilty of having a sedentary lifestyle for the past couple of months and it is only during our travels during this time that I get to be active than usual. Because I’ve seen the repercussions in my body, I've finally given into boxing again and I’ve never been happier.

However, with the good-kind-of-pain also comes the tensed and tired muscles. It was a great timing that I just had in hand the Precious Herbal Pillow waist herbal pad. If you haven’t heard of this revolutionary product yet, this is an herbal pad that’s made from 100% all-natural herbal seeds and an assortment of different aromatic and medicinal herbs to soothe an aching part of our body.

Precious Herbal Pillow Waist Herbal Pad
When I first unboxed the product, the relaxing aroma of the pad filled our entire living room. I actually had my sisters asking what the scent that lingered in our room is because it smelled like a spa. The cushion outside the product is soft that it can also double as a pillow. :) 

The Precious Herbal Pillow waist herbal pad is a moist heat and dry cold therapy solutions. This can be used as a hot compress therapy for muscle pain, stiffness, nervous tension cramps, arthritis, colic, stress / fatigue asthma, and colds. 

On the other hand, the pad can serve as a cold compress for sprains/strains, migraine, bumps, headache, inflamed muscles, fever, toothache, nosebleed, and other sports-related injuries.

Before heating the gym on this day, I placed the pillow inside its sealed plastic bag, stored the pillow for a few hours, and applied in my lower back after a good shower (after gym).

My lower back automatically felt that soothing effect after a long day outside. It loosened up the affected area and I’m not worried of an aching back after the punches I've thrown and the weights that I've carried in the gym. What I also like about this item is that I need not put any oil in my skin to feel the eucalyptic effect of the product. 

Even if the product weighs a little heavy, its corresponding Velcro waistband did the job of keeping the pad perfectly in my lower back area. 

The Precious Herbal Pillow waist herbal pad is readily available in Lazada. To know more about this product and its other variants, you may click here. 😊

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  1. I've tried something similar before and I agree that it does help soothe tired muscles. It felt great! And also the aroma of the herbs felt so relaxing and soothing. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl


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