Palmolive Expertique: Your latest salon-beautiful hair regimen is here

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I think one of the best feelings ever would probably be the just-blowdried-hair feeling after a nice trim or treatment in my trusted salon. It's already expected that I'll take a few moments in getting a snapshot of my bouncy hair before my tresses go back to its shaggy look. 

This is not the case moving forward because salon-beautiful tresses can now be achieved with the new Palmolive Expertique line. This range includes a shampoo, conditioner, intensive hair mask, beautifying hair oil, and an anti-frizz serum to reach that salon-grade mane within the comforts of our home.

The products in this new line that are infused with activated Kera-Ceramide Serum (KCS), contain technology that offers the powerful combination of Keratin and Ceramides, nourishing hair from the inside out.

The new Palmolive Expertique product line also consists of three variants of shampoo and conditioner: REVITALISTE which is infused with activated KCS, Biotin, and Hyaluronic for normal to dry hair to enhance hair vitality and natural movement; SMOOTHIQUE with activated KCS and Rare Oil Complex for frizzy, flyaway hair to align, tame, and add control to hair strands; and RESILIENTE, which has activated KCS and Arginine for damaged or over-treated hair to reconstruct and fortify hair against damage.

Palmolive Expertique PH also welcomed its first brand ambassador, the 1st Filipina winner of Asia’s Next Top Model, Maureen Wroblewitz.
For the week that had passed, I've had the chance to try the Palmolive Expertique Revitaliste line in my hair. Sharing with you my first impression of the products:

  1.  From the shampoo down to the beautifying hair oil, they all share the same sweet, fruity scent which can be a tad strong for other women; 
  2. The shampoo does not lather richly which is why I had to be more generous with the amount I applied in my hair; 
  3. The conditioner was relatively easy to rinse;
  4. It takes more than four pumps to cover my hair with the anti-frizz serum; and
  5. Two pumps were enough to cover the ends of my tresses.
No BS but weeks before the launch of this product line, I was thinking of trimming my hair because I can't seem to manage them on a daily basis. I've been busy the past weeks because I'm trying to catch up from work after my week-long vacation in Batanes. I gave the Palmolive Expertique range a try to see if it can somehow help me have a more manageable hair during this stressful week. 

Lo and behold, these products came to the rescue! After completing the regimen, I've felt like my hair became fuller and bouncy again. Take note that I've achieved this hair just by air-drying it. After having a positive outcome using this line, I got confident again to iron and curl my hair since they're protected and nourished.

The new Palmolive Expertique premium hair care range is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Discover the full regimen when you visit them here. 😊

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