P1,250 Lunch and Dinner Buffet Promo at Circles Event Café

by - Monday, July 23, 2018

Once in a while, I do not deny myself a splendid, gastronomic experience (may it be an a la carte or buffet set up). While I still do not have a well-developed palate for different worldwide cuisines, I still try to challenge myself in tasting a wide array of food to broaden my sense of taste.

The Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La offers a generous selection of international cuisine at P1,250 for lunch and dinner (net) until the end of July - an offer I simply cannot resist! 😛

I certainly had zero expectations in Circles since it's my first time to enjoy a five-star hotel buffet offering. With this in mind, I first did a quick tour of the café so I know what lies ahead of me, food-wise.


I just learned that the Shangri-La properties globally has a Rooted in Nature campaign, which is also known as their “farm to table” sustainability program that focuses on using locally and ethically sourced ingredients for the hotel.

Take this prawns and mussels for example! I'm a huge seafood fan and seeing this in the Japanese live station made my heart skipped a beat. Another cool thing about this is that guests have an option to consume this as is or have it cooked in buttered garlic.

The variety of salad dishes also supports the said campaign. Not only it is fresh and tastes good, but all of us are assured that we're in a way helping our local farmers with their livelihood. 

I kicked off my buffet experience at Circles Event Café with some sushi and maki 😛
Other refreshing appetizers can be found in the charcuterie section. From pieces of bread, a range of cold cuts, to different types of cheese, these would definitely be a good way to kick off a good lunch or dinner.

Main course

What's a top-tier buffet experience without a visit to the carving station, right? Circles' very own roasted US striploin is a must-try along with its three savory sauces to complement a slice.

Circles Event Café's carving station

The Pasta station is worth the visit if pasta piques your interest like I do. Something worth noting in this station is that the different kinds of pasta here at Circles were made by the in-house chefs. Wondering what pasta dish did I devour? Clue: It still involves seafood. lol 😍

Halal-certified dishes specially made for Muslim guests
There is also a station dedicated to other Asian cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Pinoy dishes. Because Makati Shangri-la commonly has guests of different nationalities, these spreads are a great showcase to those who are open for new food experiences. I actually bumped into an Indian-national when I was checking out the Naan bread section. It was nice of him to talk to me about their food and even persuaded me to try one.
Pinoy dishes that we all love!
Thai dishes
Upon reaching the Chinese live station, I felt like I was taken back to Hong Kong again because of the sight of hanging roasted chicken and duck. They also have dim sum and noodles to complete the staple Chinese food experience.

With additional pesos, anyone can enjoy the buffet with mocktails, beer, or wine to complement the fulfilling buffet spread.


The sweet tooth in me waited long enough to devour in the dessert station! The star of this station is the chocolate fondue! It can be enjoyed with the different dipper, from fruits to cookies.

Anyone's penchant for pastries can be fulfilled with the extensive cake options that Circles Event Café has to offer.

Even if it's the rainy season already, the café still offers cold desserts, like the halo-halo and their homemade ice creams. Yes, you saw it right! Circles also create their own ice cream flavors for their guests. This can be enjoyed in a sweet cone or in a cup with different toppings to choose from.

I actually found myself pairing up their in-house creme brulee and their homemade vanilla ice cream. I'd say it was a glorious experience to cap off my meal.

Fruits for dessert for those who have a knack for fitness and diet
I'd say the visit is worth it because of the discounted price per head. Apart from that, the fact that I can personalize a dish in the live stations make the exceptional. The selection of different cuisines also breathtaking that by looking at all the dishes already makes me feel tad full already.

Make most of the last days of July by booking at Circles Event Café! You may call restaurant reservations at (632) 814 2580 or email rric.slm@shangri-la.com for reservation.

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