The day I learned that Yasi Pressman and I have the same birthdate

by - Sunday, June 17, 2018

I'm not new to sharing my birthdate with celebrities since I was young. Back then, I already found out that I celebrate the same birthday with Judy Anne Santos, then with James Reid, and just recently, Yassi Pressman.

My favorite local pizza chain, Greenwich, held a Hawaiian luau-inspired birthday bash to BFFs and May celebrants Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla! It was an intimate gathering with the birthday celebrants' families, friends, and their lucky fan clubs. 😍

The barkada isn't complete without JC Santos and Robi Domingo hosting the event. Each of them brought their a-game in the games played, musical intermissions, and to Yasi's Hawaiian dance tutorial. I have to say Yasi's tutorial was my favorite segment because everyone had fun and their fans aced every move as well!

Bela Padilla played the Ukelele while singing with Jem Cubil
This luau-inspired birthday bash was made special with the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload. To complement this island vibes birthday party, everyone got the chance to try a slice or two of this pizza goodness.

People know that I am not the Hawaiian-pizza-kind-of-girl. But for every rule, there is an exception, right? After trying this concoction, I think I became a convert because, in my head, I think it wasn't as bad as I thought after all. Hahaha

I grew up eating Greenwich pizza and through the years, I can vouch how their pizzas became meatier, cheesier, and mas pinya-sarap! 😍

It was a bum that Greenwich had to take down their delivery website. However, I recently found out another way to request Greenwich deliveries easily and hassle-free. Aside from calling #5-55-55, we can now just text G to 0919-88-55555 (Smart) or 0905-88-55555 (Globe) and expect Greenwich to call us for our orders. Tried it twice already and I got a call back five minutes or less after I texted! Just amazing! 💖

PS. I didn't want to leave the event without having a photo with my old crushie! Hahaha Loved Robi Domingo since his PBB days lol

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