My 2018 Commodore’s Cup Regatta Experience

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Subic Bay holds a special place in my heart because it is the first place I’ve been to outside of Metro Manila. For about quite a number of years ago, my parents allowed me to join my first ever field trip at Olongapo back in grade school, without any guardian with me. One vivid memory that I have in this place is the time that I saw a sea lion kiss my schoolmate on the cheek during an entertainment show at Ocean Adventure.

Come April 2018, l added another fond memory to my Subic Bay list of experience because this time, I got an invite to witness the convergence of top-notch sailors all over the globe as they compete in the 2018 Commodore’s Cup Regatta in the premier yacht racing destination of the Philippines.

Regatta /rəˈɡadə,rəˈɡädə/ : a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races.

Just to give you a context of how big the Commodore’s Cup Regatta is, this event is a part of the 2018 Asian Yachting Grand Prix Circuit involving 12 events across 6 countries with 75 inshore races and 3 offshore races that is participated by 245 yachts from all across the globe. This is also one of the most anticipated race in Subic Bay and comes after Hong Kong’s famous Rolex China Sea Race. 

Organized by the Subic Sailing Club, this event was held last April 7, 2018 at Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic. The ambiance gives off a home-away-from-home vibe. I instantly felt welcomed by the resort staff and their generous food selection at Sands, their in-house bistro grill, bar, and deli restaurant.

Sad to say, we weren’t able to catch the yachts as they sail offshore for their respective events. I felt a tad sad because I wanted to witness it first-hand. Luckily, our visit wasn’t put to waste because the Balangay was docked in Subic that time and we had the opportunity to experience its history. Another bonus is that we were able to onboard one of the three majestic replicas. 

I’d say this is an experience of a lifetime because when would you catch a balangay replica docked in a nearby shore, right?

Our visit to Subic was quick because we were only there on the last day of the series of the events that the Subic Sailing Club has planned. Yet regardless of the time that we spent at Lighthouse Marina Resort, I've learned new things about sailing (especially in the Philippines) and how we Filipinos are blessed to have a vast body of water around us to maximize this sport.

For next year's regatta, I hope not to only witness the series of boat and yacht events but I also plan to learn how to navigate a yacht. As for now, this is already an added bullet to my bucket list. 😉

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