Best Year Yet: My 2017 in Numbers

by - Sunday, January 14, 2018

Even if I ended 2017 recuperating from bad flu, I can still say that this year was one of the greatest years I've ever had because I experienced so many firsts. Different experiences were on my bucket list until the universe aligned and I slowly tick them off as the month pass by. 

It's a great feeling to refresh the memories of my best year yet. I really loved 2017 so much that I had anxiety attacks as 2018 came closer. Now that the new year is already here, I'm left to making the most out of it and continue my life's purpose. #NaksPadeep

Regardless if 2017 already ended, I still want to go down the memory lane and round up what happened last year through numbers. Care to walk with me? 😊

8: The 8 of us in the family are complete to welcome 2017!

1 - NYE Photo
The perfect way to kick off the new year is when you're celebrating it with your family!

7: January 7 was the first time I became a bridesmaid! ...and it's in my sister's wedding

2 - Ate's Wedding

Another milestone in the family! My eldest sister finally wed the love of his life last January and as the title suggests, it's the first time I became a bridesmaid. Fun times but it takes a lot of work involved until the wedding day arrives. haha

2: Two staycations for the whole year - City Garden Grand Hotel and Linden Suites

3 - City Garden Grand Hotel

Even if staycation means workation in my vocabulary, staying in different hotels is also a breather for me. The new memories I've created with my friends at City Garden Grand Hotel and Linden Suites are truly one for the books. 😍

4 - Linden Suites
Check out these photos taken on film by Jhean of Imahenasyon! 💕

15: My first helicopter ride overlooking Manila lasted for 15 minutes.

5- Helicopter ride

I've always wanted to ride the plane and view the city from a different POV. Even with a sudden invitation, I said yes to Manila Hotel's invitation because I'm freaking riding the helicopter for the first time! Read my experience here.  

19: It was the 19th of February when I had my 2nd UP Fair experience.

6 - UP Fair Experience

Since I'm living in the south, going to UP Fair is always a tough choice annually. (Because of traffic and commute issues) But for this year, I made the big leap and traveled all the way to the north just to see my favorite acts play for the night. The weather wasn't on our side though because it rained all day. Even with our shoes muddy and all that, I still had a great time that night at UP Elements in Quezon City.

4: Taken a total of 4 flights this year!

9.5 - HK Highlights

Like what I've said, I always dreamt of flying to different places. And this year, that dream came true not only once but 4x! It all started when I traveled to South Korea in March and the next thing I know, I flew to Hong Kong for a conference within 3 days notice. Afterwards, it was followed by two more domestic flights. Talk about seizing the moment, eh? 😅

5: Explored five different cities in Luzon and Visayas -

Pampanga, Baguio, Quezon Province, Cebu, and Iloilo City

7 - Local Travel

I'm still in cloud 9 whenever I recall all the cities that I've explored last year. It's also the first time I've traveled locally with a plane. Each city made a mark of their own and I'll be more than willing to go back to these places the soonest. 

2: It’s the first time I watched a concert TWICE in a row - 

Coldplay & Fifth Harmony 

8 - Coldplay and Fifth Harmony

A real story: I cried during the time that I wasn't able to score a ticket on the pre-selling of the Coldplay concert tickets in MOA Concert Grounds. 😓  (Hello, everyone was just mad excited that Coldplay is coming to the Philippines for the first time!) Luckily, I managed to score a bronze ticket during the public selling even if I initially wanted the silver one. 

Few hours before the concert, I met up with some friends from Ripple8 to have an early dinner. During our meet up, they invited me to Fifth Harmony's concert which is happening the next day at MOA Arena. I may not be a fan of pop acts but I don't want to pass the chance to see this act perform live especially when it's free and transportation is not a concern. (I live near MOA.)

I love going to concerts because I look forward to the artists' showmanship. Also, I feel like being brought to a different space whenever I immerse myself in concerts. It's my happy place, basically.

5: Spent 5 days in South Korea for the first time with my 1DMG family.

9 - South Korea Highlights

One of the best moments of my 2017! South Korea is the first country abroad I've visited and I'm not lying when I say that I got the best company (pun intended) with me. After all the hard work last 2016, the company rewarded us with an out of the country trip which I'm really thankful for up to this date.

I'm not a fan of Hallyu, kdramas, and the likes but I got ecstatic to set foot on the land of the morning calm. If you're visiting this beautiful country anytime soon, I rounded up 10 must-experience for first-time visitors in South Korea in one article. Give it a read! 💖 

360: Won my Samsung Gear 360 from KTO’s contest!

Just when I'm about to get sober from my Korean hangover, I stumbled upon a contest hosted by Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) on Facebook. The prize? A Samsung Gear 360 camera. KTO were looking for the best video entries taken in Korea that they can feature in their platforms. I felt like I'm gonna win this contest because I stumbled upon the mechanics with an entry already in my hand. I submitted the "What I Ate in Korea" video that I made a few weeks after my trip and submitted it a day before the game period ends. 

I'm still surprised because I won the contest and took home a 2017 Samsung Gear 360 that I can use in my future travels. Took it to Cebu with me just some months back and loved everything about this camera!

10 - 360 cam

4: Met the 4 members of All Time Low during their 3rd show in Manila!

11 - All Time Low

My face says it all! Meeting my ultimate music influence flesh-to-flesh for the first time completed my year already. I was shaking moments before I was lead to the photo wall and mingle with them for a minute or two. I was the last person in line that's why I had the opportunity to take a solo photo with them before they play on stage. 😎  

Each show that they played in Manila is always different from the three times I've seen them perform live. Aside from their evolving music taste, I've also noticed how wholesome they've become through the years that pass by because adulting probably hit them already. (ATL frontman, Alex married Lisa last 2016!)

PS. Can I just say that I still feel kilig whenever I look at this photo? 😍

3: Wore 3 different blue formal gowns this year!

12 - Blue gown wear

Basing on this color, it looks like I got inspired by Pia Wurtzbach's iconic electric blue gown during the Miss Universe 2015 Coronation night. Hahaha I only realized the consistency in color when I was creating this article already! lol Blue isn't my favorite color but I think this color suited my complexion well. Which design is your favorite among the three? :)

1: I got my first ever Christmas Lighting event invite!

13 - Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
I attended the Tree Lighting Ceremony of Makati Shangri-La last December 2017.

This may sound like a petty one but the fact that I've been invited to a tree lighting ceremony is a huge deal for me. I love Christmas so much that's why I find tree lighting ceremonies exciting. lol 

2: I did 2 phone reviews for the year. All from ASUS! :)

14 - ASUS reviews

For this year, I've stepped up my tech knowledge by giving mobile phone reviews a try. Of course, my review is different from how tech bloggers do it because they're the experts in the scene. My main goal in reviewing these gadgets is sharing how they suit my lifestyle and how they can be beneficial to people like me. (Exhibit A: Camera quality!) Thank you, Asus Philippines for trusting me! 💙

26: Collected a total of 26 unique Starbucks Cards for the whole year.

14 - Starbucks Card
The first Starbucks card I've bought last 2017 - the first Starbucks Philippines Reserve Card.

Just in case you lost your memory or something, I would like to reiterate my obsession with collecting local Starbucks card. I actually remembered how bummed I was when I wasn't able to make the cutoff for the limited edition Starbucks card last December 2016. Good thing Kenny was so nice that she gave me her card instead. #Thankful 🙌

I hope you had fun checking out my 2017 memories summarized in numbers. Now, shall you join me in creating 2018 memories and exceed what 2017 had to offer? 😚

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