Photo Diary: Visit London For the First Time ✈️

by - Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017 is officially my travel year. 😍

No words can express how blessed I am to unlock firsts this year in terms of travel. This includes riding the plane for the first time, visiting South Korea with my 1DMG family, and visiting Hong Kong for a renowned tech conference in Asia.

with Ace Gapuz (CEO, Blogapalooza Inc.) and Maddie Cruz (Millenial Multihyphenate)
at Kam's Roasted Goose HK last July 2017
With all these experiences sinking in as I jot them down in this blog post, the wanderer in me feels 100% achieved. (Kumbaga quota na!!) It was at the end of each trip where I felt the real sense of fulfillment because of all the new knowledge I've obtained as I cap off each visit. It may be tiring every single time, but I'll never, ever complain getting the chance to see the world in my own eyes.

with 1DMG family at Everland, South Korea last April 2017
If asked for my future travel goals, there is still that undying desire to explore Europe in my late 20s. (As seen here) And since Europe is one hella big continent to explore, London is the top city in my list of places to visit. Bumping with the queen herself would make an awesome experience, right? lol just kidding. London tops my list because of my Twinnings obsession, their way of life, and their picturesque city in general. :)

Just take a look at the photos below and be mesmerized by the beauty of this cosmopolitan city. ❣️

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